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9 comments to “Cherry Pie”

  1. Hi Tim – of course I just had to leave a comment on your very first post! Even if I am almost two years late. :) Scrumptious-looking pie. Wish we had sour cherries out here on the left coast. xo

  2. Oooh. Sour Cherry Pie is my absolute favorite. I have always asked for it instead of cake on my birthday (maybe because I share George Washington’s birthday?). I am so very happy to see the warm pie melting my birthday candles before I can blow them out, & how the vanilla ice cream makes a delicious melty cherry-vanilla delight on my plate. Happy birthday to me! Love your blog, Tim.

  3. Oh my, I can’t believe I didn’t came across your BEAUTIFUL blog before! And now I’m sitting here and realise that I just read ALL of your great posts. Thank you for sharing so much kitchen goodness, I am definitely going to try many of the recipes you’ve shared here.

    Love from Amsterdam!

  4. I just read through your ENTIRE blog. Seriously, I probably just spent 4 hours of my day reading every post. Let me tell you, your recipes now make up the majority of bookmarks on my computer!

  5. Riley- that is seriously so nice of you! I don’t think my mom has even read through this whole beast. Happy cooking!

  6. I love this pie. The tart cherries I found yesterday at the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market will be used for this tomorrow and paired with crème fraîche ice cream. Can’t wait!

  7. I just read through your ENTIRE blog. It is amazing!! I’m literally going to the store this second to get ingredients to make SIX of your incredible recipes! Thank you!

  8. I’d like the crowd of people who just had the best time reading backwards through all your blog and arriving here, sadly realizing there’s an end. What a great time I had and what a great bit of work you do. Thanks!

  9. Hi Tim. Love reading your blog! I tried the cherry pie and it turned out perfect! Everyone at home loved it and my mom said it turned out as good as hers. :) (which is a huge compliment for me since she is an awesome cook and I am just a novice). Great job and please keep churning out more recipes. Look fwd to each one. Cheers!