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10 comments to “Concord Grapes”

  1. Susan Wagner says:

    October 15th, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Just bought some concord grapes this afternoon…. can’t wait to make this tonight!!

  2. Let me know how it goes, this is one of my favorites. And hopefully there will be enough jam leftover for the best PB&J ever!

  3. I love grape tarts and this one looks just perfect!

  4. I had the same experience with concords (well, actually not concords. Here in Canada we have mostly a similar grape called the “coronation” grape). It’s a funny experience to bite into a fruit and think “hey, this tastes just like the candy!” I recently made a grape cake that was another great use of concord-type grapes. I’m posting about it soon.

    This tart is gorgeous, and so are your photos. We have such similar tastes I’m having a hard time not going through and commenting on every single one of your posts!

  5. thanks for the comment hannehanne! i love your site too and love it even more now that i know you are in canada (my partner is canadian). i am planning a special canadian post soon, so watch out!

  6. Susan Wagner says:

    October 20th, 2008 at 6:05 am

    The tart turned out wonderfully! I’m glad that I bought several containers of the grapes, because my boys (and not just the ones under four…) ate an entire container the first day! I love this! I think that I’m going to try the cranberry loaf next. I too love fresh cranberries and I have a wonderful cranberry “sauce” that I make every year. It has walnuts, apples, and orange zest (and juice) in it…. mmmmm.

  7. Hi Tim!

    This is such a wonderful site! You are so talented! It’s been a long time, but I just wanted to let you know that I finished making the tart this evening and it is great!

  8. This looks divine. One of my favorite things to do with Concord grapes is to make a sorbet. It’s awesome with peanut butter cookies on the side.

  9. Dear Tim,
    I know this is a very old post but I just happened to make this tart yesterday (hope you´ll still get the comments). Concord grapes are very common here in Colombia, we call them “uva isabelina”. I use them often as a substitute for cranberries wich are scarce and expensive (they worked perfectly on your cranberry and orange bread). Anyways, I served this tart as you suggested, with a nice selection of cheeses. I also made the green bean salad with fried almonds from the smitten kitchen and a marvelous carmenere for a light meal with friends. It was a tasty, simple dinner and boy, the tart disappeared in 2 seconds!!

    Thanks for the great idea!

  10. I’ve been following your blog for a few months, and decided to start at the beginning and read through. I am so happy to see someone else had the trippy experience of discovering that grape flavor actually came from a real grape!!! Crazy. I hope I have the chance to make this sometime.