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8 comments to “Cranberry Pecan Bread (Cranberries are here!!!)”

  1. I gasped at reading the very name of this delicious bread. Your love of cranberries is obvious as they are delightfully spattered throughout the loaf. Thank you for this perfectly autumnal dish!

  2. I love the addition of pecans! And I especially like the perspective on that last picture. Do you have any other cranberry plans? I’ve got a cranberry upside-down cake recipe I’ve been meaning to try out.

  3. I have lots of cranberry plans! I too have a cranberry upside down cake I want to try (I wonder if it is the same one..?.). Also, I have plans for a tart and a sorbet. Soon!

  4. um…now i know what to do with my bag of cranberries. beautiful pics btw.

  5. CRANBERRY PECAN BREAD!! That’s like heaven on earth!!! There’s not much I won’t do for the sweet and tangy taste of cranberry mixed with cakey goodness and the nuttiness of pecans or almonds. Why cranberry almond crunch is the cereal I start my morning with most every morning. No longer will I have to trek all the way to Chicago to visit Treasure Island for their perfect cranberry muffins :)

  6. Wow, beautiful and I love that you can use fresh chopped cranberries…they don’t have to be cooked first! Hope to try it out soon.

  7. This is SO delicious!!! Thank you for the recipe! I made it and brought it to work this morning and everyone died over it…fresh tasting and not too sweet, just like you described. Really lovely combination of flavors, too.

  8. I have been making a version of this for years. I love the addition of buttermilk! I, too, have them in my freezer year-round. Can’t get enough!

    BTW, I have a suggestion for controlling those wonderful but onery little berries: Place a silicon cutting mat inside a large sheet pan with rims. Then just dump the berries on (in) it and chop away. It makes it easier to keep them contained. I do not find a food processor to be a good substitute; it gets them too fine.

    Also, I found this recipe will make six large muffins. Thank you!