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12 comments to “Candied Orange and Pistachio Crescents”

  1. These look delicious. I am already brainstorming possible fillings…hazelnuts and nutella perhaps? Beautiful Post!

  2. I can see why you fell for them! They look fantastic! Just added to my cookie list… right now. Thank you!

  3. Hayley- Thanks, Nutella would be really nice!
    Jesse- I think you’ll be glad you made them. I’m going to try another batch this weekend!

  4. i love that these are filled cookies! beautiful.

  5. Your pastry recipe’s instructions mentions yolks, but none are listed in the ingredients. How many should be used?

  6. Alan, Thanks so much for catching that. It is fixed now.

  7. These sound wonderful, and they look so delicate, it’s great that they’re pretty sturdy too! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at candying orange for a while now. Maybe this should be my excuse.

  8. Just found your blog (via smittenkitchen) and wanted to compliment you on it and also on your wisdom in choosing among the Gourmet cookie recipes. I opted for the chocolate hazelnut ones, but am wishing I’d made these instead.

  9. Thanks Amy! I was so excited when that Gourmet arrived in the mail and then sort of underwhelmed by the recipes I found. Although, these were amazing so I guess I shouldn’t complain. In any case, welcome and thanks!
    And Hanne- yes, use these as an excuse.

  10. why not adding some orange instead of(or additionally to) pell and syrup
    it can make these cookies more interesting, m?

  11. Hi Ira- I would not do that because it will add too much liquid to the filling, and also because cooked orange doesn’t taste very good to me.

  12. can these be frozen?