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21 comments to “cacio e pepe”

  1. Oh yum. Looks so good. I’m all about the easy pasta nights…

  2. This looks delicious! Tonight I am making some dreaded chicken tortellini (from the freezer). I have been avoiding it! I would like to toss it lightly with some fresh tomato bruschetta dip (Xmas present) and fresh parm. Thanks for making pasta look delish. Maybe mine will be as edible as yours!

  3. Is this from Ina’s latest cookbook? I believe I saw a similar recipe in there…YUM.

  4. So simple and yet so elegant.

  5. Yes, Beth, it is from an Ina Garten recipe. Sort of. I made some changes but it is essentially the same idea. It is really good!

  6. I’m all for trying this one – I’m in such a pasta mood lately. It’ll probably be a great opportunity to get out my pasta machine again, too!

  7. Yay pasta machines, I am sure that fresh pasta will make this recipe even more delicious!

  8. What a pretty textile the pasta is set upon! I am going to make this dish pronto

  9. Now here’s a dish that even I can make – in my 12-foot square NYC kitchen with hotplate — lol.

    Thanks for the idea.


  10. This looks like such an elegant and simple dish.
    Sounds perfect on any busy night. I think I would have added a few cherry tomatoes.

  11. A simple yet delicious dish! Nice.

  12. made this tonight for dinner…tons of left overs for lunch..no more dominicks salad bar for me (this week anyway)! this seriously took ten minutes from start to finish…that’s my type of cooking.

  13. I make a variation of this recipe- I simply boil the pasta (I prefer spinach fettucini for mine) and put it in a big bowl. I then add about a Tbsp. of margarine, Pecorino to taste (a little more than a cup) and ground black pepper. I mix them all together and then add the arugula straight to the mixture. The arugula melts beautifully and it is absolutely delicious!

  14. branch! made this last night for a small dinner party….so good and so easy and frankly affordable!!! xo

  15. Raul made this last weekend — SO good & satisfying, and great leftover, too!

  16. This was so delicious. I found this link from TasteSpotting and I’m so glad I did. So easy. So good. So cheesy!

  17. Robin and I made this tonight…very simple/tasty

  18. Sounds delicious! There is a restaurant in NYC called Cacio e Pepe and this is their signature dish.

  19. I had no pecorino (which is very expensive around here, anyway) so I used parmesan, which changes it completely, I’m sure… but the result was delicious. If I can someday afford pecorino, I’ll try the original.

  20. Hi Masha! I made this with Parmesan recently and liked it just as much, so I think you made the right choice! Thanks for writing.

  21. I had this in Rome, and loved it.

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