Restaurant: Milk & Honey Cafe

I’ve been a regular at Milk & Honey since it opened back in 2002. The cafe is located on Division Street in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. I have the good fortune of living less than a block from the restaurant and so it is our go-to spot whenever we want something delicious for breakfast or lunch.

The space is really beautiful and comfortable. You order from the chalkboard menus at the counter and then sit and your food is delivered to you by one of the wonderful staff members. Most of the staff have been working at the cafe for years and it is truly a well-oiled machine. Even on the busiest of Sunday mornings when the brunch line is out the door, the place is a real pleasure. In addition to a breakfast and lunch menu, there is also a bakery case that is equally impressive and includes things such as fantastic Ricotta Tortes, assorted muffins and lemon-lavender cookies. You can also purchase bags of the now famous Milk & Honey granola, which make a really good gift. The popularity of the granola has allowed them to start producing in larger quantities and the granola is now available at store across the country. (see website for store locations)

I have spent countless hours sitting in Milk & Honey talking to friends over the grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, blue cheese and roasted tomatoes. Or reading a book while eating a bowl of their granola, which tops a bowl of yogurt and fruit. Sometimes I just stop in for one of their cinnamon rolls, which are one of the best things I have ever eaten (seriously folks, these things alone are worth the trip). Bryan has a hard time resisting their Huevos Rancheros, which are baked in a casserole topped with heaps of melted cheese. Whatever you order, you’ll be happy. On a street that is quickly being overrun with heartless mega-restaurants and bars, you’ll be glad to be sitting in a warm and friendly local joint.

If you live in Chicago and haven’t been to Milk & Honey, go tomorrow. And everyone else should add it to their list of places to go when they visit.

Milk & Honey Cafe is located at 1920 W. Division St. in Chicago. 773-395-9434. Check out their website for hours and additional information:

Milk & Honey Cafe

8 comments to “Restaurant: Milk & Honey Cafe”

  1. One of my favorite places to go when I visit Chicago. There breakfast sandwiches are to die for!

  2. That’s the place I loved to go to in Chicago when I came to visit you!!! Yummmmmmmmmmy. I’ll be back in March and back at Milk & Honey!

  3. Just added to my Chicago to-do list! I cannot resist a bakery.

  4. This place sounds heavenly. Now I must go to Chicago.

  5. went today…didn’t call you. i’m a bad person. i’m a fan of the chocolate croissant.

  6. The last time I visited Chicago I stayed with a friend who lives around the corner from this restaurant…to think, I could have seen you there!

  7. Milk and Honey is a great spot… I found your blog recently and love the recipes and the aesthetic of the site. I like how you incorporate Chicago restaurants and farmers’ markets into your posts, even though it makes me miss Chicago!

  8. I absolutely ADORE milk and honey- their sandwiches are fantastic and girl, don’t get me started on the coffee.

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