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17 comments to “Cream Cheese and Chive Biscuits (and the Oscars)”

  1. Tim, I also had the chicken milanese and escarole salad that deb posted to accompany my 6+ hours of Oscar watching. Good to know we share such great taste in television and chicken!

  2. I love Deb’s recipes, they are beautiful and always turn out to be as delicious as they look. Speaking of which, your biscuits look very delicious! I like the combination of chives and buttermilk.

  3. Just the thought of these biscuits is making me weak in the knees. I think I was really meant to be a Southern belle, rather than a California girl… at least when it comes to food.

  4. These are genius and look picture-book perfect.

  5. Could eat a basketful of those biscuits.

  6. Karin's Mom says:

    March 1st, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Your food/pictures/recipes make me almost enjoy winter. Almost. First, I wanted to thank you for unsalted butter explanation–I truly did not know this. Farm girl. Second, on your list of to bake/make recipes. Have you ever come across anything that has lemon curd? I bought a jar and I have no idea what to do with it—it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  7. Hey Karin’s Mom:
    Yes, there are lots of recipes out there using lemon curd. Usually as a filling in a layer cake or as a tart filling. But it could be as simple as making sandwiches using some store-bought angel food or pound cake and topping with whipped cream and strawberries. It is also really good used in place of jam on a muffin or scone or even on a piece of toast.
    Some recipes:
    Hope that helps!

  8. hey tim, made the chicken milanese you posted a link for last night, came out perfectly crisp and juicy! thanks for sharing. didn’t have escarole, so i made a simple salad of red mustard greens in a red wine vinegar olive oil dressing topped with parmesan. can’t wait to make your risotto!

  9. Karin's Mom says:

    March 3rd, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Thank you, Tim.
    I shall put my lemon curd to good use! I really appreciate you taking time out to answer my questions. I know you are a very busy person. Thanks again.

  10. Karin’s Mom: Always time for you! Enjoy the lemon curd.

    Sivan: Great! I really like that recipe and it goes so well with a salad. I gotta get me to B-side soon, I’m missing ny.

  11. You are welcome to stop by anytime! And please gimme a heads up when you plan to come by! I’ll whip up a special cocktail for you and yours.

  12. HEY! I’m making these right now

    we’ll see how well they go…..but they look scrumptious

  13. Hi Tim! I just blogged about this on my blog http://www.afroculinaria.com. I first had these biscuits–or a version of them at Spoon restaurant in Pittsburgh, a farm to table kinda place and I was in love, so I found the recipe you posted via Google, decided to try my hand with a few deviations and blogged basically that I got the germ from you! So I hope to follow your blog more often and hope you’ll check me out at afroculinaria. Cheers man!

  14. I have made these biscuits many times and they always turn out perfectly! Thanks for such a great recipe! I always wonder though, how you arrived at 424 degrees for the oven temperature. I’ve used that exact temperature setting, believe me! But, seriously…?

  15. Renate! LOL, that was a typo. I switched it to 425F, which was correct. But it is funny how culturally temperatures ending in 5/0 make sense, but others do not. Thanks for writing!

  16. I am so overwhelmed on how doable your recipes are. I do not even know where to start. I like your writing too. it feels like you a talking to me. I just started my blog this month, and iI am learning a lot from doin it . It is good to get inspiration from the great. Good job.

  17. Oh my goodness, these are so delicious!!! Thank you for sharing such a to-die for recipe.

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