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15 comments to “Austrian Shortbread”

  1. I love jam-type bars, even with all that butter. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Must try this soon. YUM!

  3. i’ve seen this recipe before and thought, “how neat!” i think you pushed me over the edge to actually try it!

    thanks and cheers – they look lovely,


  4. I love anything with raspberry….YUM.

  5. I just made coffee cake with raspberries! These look awesome!

  6. What a fun indeed to grate dough! :)

  7. Looks YUMMY, but yowza, 4 sticks of butter..I may have to wait until the fall/winter for this one (so I’m far from swimsuit season).

  8. I’m a chocolate person…but shortbread and jam just kills me with a cup of coffee midday. Thank you!

  9. unconfidentialcook: you could get the best of both worlds by replacing 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of cocoa powder and have chocolate shortbread with jam!

  10. How lovely. I’ve just bought two different Scandinavian cookbooks because their baked goods are by far the best. So I’ll definetly be returning. And you’ve got American measurements too. Wow! Thanks.

  11. The last picture is great. All that jammy jam.

  12. Oh my god….made these tonight. So. Damned. Buttery. Loved them. Funny, I trained as and worked for years as a pastry chef but I’m not sure I ever shaved dough. Now thinking of lots of various applications. So, so good. Thank you for sharing this!

  13. I make a version of these using a rhubarb filling–amazing! The tart rhubarb sets off the rich shortbread nicely. I got the recipe from Baking with Julia. Mmmm…too bad I have to wait for spring and more fresh rhubarb!

  14. I know this is an old post, but I made these for the first time today and they are fantastic. Honestly, I’m dreaming about when I can eat another one.
    Although I did laugh out loud at “16 cookies” (I cut them to 64 and it’s still a sizable cookie). Happy holidays!

  15. Hey Jenny! So glad you liked these, they are pretty delicious. And yes, 16 seems unhealthy. (especially when you know how much butter is in them) Thanks for letting me know!