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19 comments to “Aurora Tart”

  1. I thought this was going to be about you taking a trip to Aurora, IL and buying (or meeting!) a tart! This is way better!

  2. Ha! This is WAY better.

  3. Oh, wow. This sounds amazing.

  4. first, you’re KILLING me. that looks so good i could literally die.

    second, first you say springform pan, then you say tart shell. which is it, man?!? perhaps the answer is “google it, dummy”. but seriously, i have a springform pan (latched side with a removeable bottom) that i use for cheesecake which is pretty deep, 3-4 inches, and a tart pan (removeable bottom) that’s barely 1 inch deep. i’m guessing i’d need something in between…?

  5. Am I using both? I think I mean that the tart shell is baked in a springform pan. Make sense?
    Use your springform pan. The sides of the tart are about 2-inches tall so a 3-4 inch high pan is perfect.

  6. gotcha!
    now to find a weekend to conquer this beast.

  7. Lovely Tart. I kinda had the Aurora IL thought as well… :)

  8. This is right up a southern girl’s alley. Anything with Pralines, and I am there…..

  9. This looks insanely delicious. I love a nice challenge to impress your friends with.

  10. Oh, my…I am speechless. That whipped cream….

  11. MMMMMM, that does sound fabulous! Though the recipe is a bit involved each step doesn’t seem that difficult. I think this is one I can even do! The scary part for me is the tart shell.

    Terrific photos as usual. Love how clean looking your photos always are!

  12. Ingrid, don’t be scared of the tart shell! Mine totally fell apart as I was putting in the pan and I just pieced it back together and pushed it into the pan and it was fine. It seems to be pretty forgiving. Good luck!

  13. Wow, it looks like it was totally worth a little work and planning ahead. Sounds like a neat cookbook too…going to check it out on amazon.

  14. wow, this looks delicious..

  15. Dorothy says:

    May 1st, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    I had this tart at Highlands Bar and Grill–it was to die for. I have had the recipe for a while, but haven’t attempted yet. This gives me the confidence!

  16. Do it, Dorothy! It takes a while but really is not that difficult. I hope to get down to Birmingham soon, I’d like to do a culinary road trip through the south….

  17. Caramel custard you say….yum! This seems like the perfect I-just-had-a-bad-day-i-need-a-hug dessert!

  18. I only clicked on this because of the name, but now I want to make it because it sounds so delicious! Caramel, chocolate, and pralines? Mmmmmm…

  19. I just made the tart this past weekend and it was a hit with everyone. Not sure if it was worth the enormous amount of time. I broke all the parts up into 3 days to make it feel more manageable. The biggest problem I had was with the caramel custard, the caramel was very unhappy when I was adding the heated cream to it….

    Overall, great tart. Tastes like something you’d get from a high end restaurant. And you were right, the cream with the bits of pralines were AMAZING.