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20 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Vena Cava”

  1. this is the best thing ever ever ever.

  2. I love this!!!!!!!! More more more guests.

  3. I’m taking this and rocking it for Cinco De Mayo. And probably all summer long after that. Thank you!

  4. Next time I see Sophie, I need some answers regarding Chinese food. She lives in New York–I’d kill for their Chinese food! She gets points though for Mo’s Bacon Bar (and of course this delicious guacamole). Yea, first guest! And L+D’s first editorial fashion fiesta.

  5. I like this new addition to Lottie and Doof!

  6. I’m lovin it! Lottie + Doof ( Vena Cava / Sophie Buhai) = soothe

  7. good times!!!!
    sometimes i’m afraid of chinese food too because i don’t understand “brown sauce”. can you investigate that please.

  8. I make pretty much the same guacamole (no tomatoes, lots and lots of salt and lime juice), and it is absolutely addictive.

  9. Yeah, I think I have been making a mistake all of these years with tomatoes. I am a convert.

  10. Mmmmm…this looks delicious! I adore your blog, your writing and your photos. :)

  11. i just stumbled across the blog & i’m greeted with avocados and vena cava!? swoon, i’ve found a new love.

  12. Gorgeous photos Tim! Sophie sounds like quite the talent, you are lucky to have such a great friend. Thanks for sharing!

  13. this is a great post!

  14. Yums!!!

  15. I LOVE the design and lay out of your site! Truly unique ideas and really refreshing!

  16. oh man this makes me happy! i love guacamole and vena cava!
    p.s. i attended a drawing class that they held at the drawing center and they were super lovely.

  17. I just reposted this because it is sooo fab, and J’adore Soph!!!

  18. ahhh i just found your site via sophie and lisa’s blog and i want to make every damn thing you’ve posted! and i totally want to see some menswear from vena cava as well, even though i’m a girl. i love everything VC does and would wear whatever they make, even if it’s for a guy!

  19. Can this be made in advance and frozen?

  20. Hi Rowena- No, it can’t.

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