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13 comments to “Lottie + Doof + The Kitchn”

  1. Read about these cookies while researching West African recipes. We had no idea they’re popular in SC and GA. So interesting to find out!

  2. YAY! you deserve it buddy! big time.

  3. Yum. They look gorgeous. So crisp. And sesame is an interesting ingredient. Will definitly try them. Thanks for sharing and have fun writing for The Kitchn. Congratulations.

  4. these look so divine! love the use of sesame!!!

  5. I love reading your posts…thank you so much for sharing not just the recipe but for sharing the history that goes with them. This is my favorite blog! Your enthusiasm and passion for cooking and life shines through in this site. Thank you for inspiring me and my family to try new things and enjoy quality family time in the kitchen!

  6. Congrats on the guest post! These cookies sound incredibly addicting.

  7. Thanks for all of the good wishes! You’re the best!

  8. Those look like they would be super with a little Nutella or peanut butter sandwiched between them.

  9. How lovely they are! I had no idea that southern cooking could be so simple with no fat drippings!

  10. Congratulations on becoming a guest poster on The Kitchn. That is wonderful!

  11. Yum, sesame seeds should be used more often in sweet and savory! I love those little italian cookies coated in sesame seeds. I like Laura’s suggestion above to make them into sandwich cookes (nutella!), although it might be gilding the lily:)

  12. These were delicious! Simple ingredients and technique, but a wonderful depth of flavor. You’re right, though, they are ridiculously addictive.

  13. So glad you liked them, Laura!