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10 comments to “Roasted Pineapple with Pink Peppercorns”

  1. The peppercorns almost look like Pom seeds. What an intriguing dessert idea…

  2. I tend to like anything with pineapple, and this really looks amazing. It’s reminiscent of dishes I ate in Hawaii!

  3. I’m just crazy about pink peppercorns…ever since I made a “buratta sundae.” They’re gorgeous and delicious.

  4. May I dive into that 3rd photo? I like your suggestion for a whipped creme fraiche pairing…With this recipe I may finally break the seal of my pink peppercorn jar.

  5. I just can’t get over how gorgeous that ice cream is!

  6. Pink peppercorns are so nice here. I think a very good reason to open the jar!

  7. Never enough uses of pink peppercorns. GO PINK!

  8. This look beautiful Tim. I love pineapple, but have only ever enjoyed it freshly sliced. Thanks for the great ideas, I might just have to try a pineapple ice cream of sorts.

  9. Ooooh I can’t help but LOVE this!!!!!!!! ;)

  10. Yep, Claudia Fleming’s recipes are awesome. I’ve been buying different types of peppercorns–I’ll put them in just about anything. The pink ones are so pretty with the pineapple.