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The 2009 Drink of Summer (???!)

Uh oh. I found another contender for the official drink of summer. This one may look a mess but is really pretty lovely thanks in large part to the wonder that is Hendrick’s gin. And so it seems we have a competition on our hands. I think the only fair thing to do is to have my friend Katie decide. She is the one who usually declares the drink of summer and she has a discerning palate, she is also the person who introduced me to cucumber cocktails with a punch she made many summers ago that was spectacular. Katie and I will be together for the 4th of July which seems like a fitting time for a drink competition. I’ll let you know what happens.

In the meantime lets enjoy the competition. I need you to try both of these [1] and see which you prefer. Or let me know if there is another drink which should be a contender. So far the one thing the two cocktails have in common is some seriously beautiful color and citrus. They are also both light and refreshing. In this drink, cucumber and lime are paired with the complex flavors of Hendrick’s gin to make for a bright and invigorating cocktail. Perfect sipped while sitting on your back porch on a warm summer night. The pinch of salt that tops the drink really rounds out the flavor and is an important addition. Don’t be tempted to leave it out of the recipe.

And let me know what you’ll be drinking this summer!

Gordon’s Cup (adapted from April 2009 Bon Appetit)

Muddle lime and cucumber in a cocktail shaker until lime is juiced and cucumber is pulpy. Add gin and Simple Syrup, then ice. Cover and shake vigorously 4 times. Pour contents of shaker into rocks glass and sprinkle with sea salt. Makes one cocktail.

The other contender: Prosecco and Aperol [1]