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19 comments to “Fear and Cinnamon Rolls”

  1. I think I may have posted that I was afraid of yeast, but that has since been revoked. What I am afraid of, okay maybe not afraid of, what I dislike is that waiting time! Im just so darn impatient! Not that that;s your fault, but I just cant wait that long.

    These cinnamon buns look amazing though! Perhaps I shall try my hand at them….

  2. You are so right! In my mind yeast = fear. I so needed to read this as I would love to bake my own bread and things with yeast…pizza bases for example! Cinnamon rolls are SO delicious looking…thanks for the nudge!

  3. I love the side-by-side photos showing the rise. I used to be afraid of yeast just because I didn’t know the difference between “active dry yeast” and “instant yeast” etc but now that I do, I love working with yeast!

    Lovely cinnamon rolls. Gotta love Molly!

  4. When should you start making the dough for cinnamon rolls? Or can you do some of the work the night before? I would love to have homemade cinnamon rolls around 11 am on a weekend morning, but it kind of defeats the purpose to get up early for 2 rises. Unless someone else is making them for you, of course….

  5. We’ve only made 5 loaves of yeast risen bread in our time, and each one was a learning process. Now we think we’ve got it! Those rolls look really good too. That’s the next yeast recipe we should try.

  6. Hi Lindsay: You can put the dough in the fridge before either rise to put the process on pause. I would get the rolls assembled and in pan the night before. When you wake up, let them rise in a warm spot until doubled in size and proceed with baking!

  7. I had a complete and utter fail at my first cinnamon roll attempt – pure concrete mess that they were, but I’m totally up for trying these again and face my fear of yeast.

  8. Amazing! I love the golden brown photo of the rolls before the glaze! I agree with the intimidation factor of yeast, but when it works, a yeast dough is a beautiful thing, as these rolls demonstrate!

  9. is it bad that I mostly want to make this recipe so I can have all the tangy icing to myself?

  10. Dawn in CA says:

    June 18th, 2009 at 10:26 am

    The first time I tackled homemade cinnamon rolls, my husband’s first bite literally put him into a stupor. He sat at the table with his eyes closed, slowly chewing and making low, happy groaning noises. I’m no slouch in the kitchen, but had I known something I baked could elicit such a joyous response, I would have made these years ago!

  11. I got over this “fear” a couple years ago thanks to instant yeast. It’s so much easier to use and, i’ve read, more reliable. I recently took a bread making class at the French Culinary Institute here in NYC and it’s amazing to me the amount of work and time that went into making bread before all this new equipment (mixers especially). It’s truly an art to make yeast breads.

  12. Kellie Moncrief says:

    June 25th, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    I am making cinnamon rolls right now and I am waiting for my yeast to double in size. I forgot the egg part so I went back and added it in. I have my fingers crossed, but I am not getting my hopes up. This posting was inspiring though :)

  13. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Yeast is not a big deal at all. From the very first time I’ve used yeast to the last, I have had no problems. I have made many a cinnamon rolls, too. Yours look yummy!!!

  14. yes, i also had a yeast bread recipe phobia, so i tried a simple foccacia recipe that didn’t require special pans or perfect loaf shapes. i was so thrilled, that i made it every week for a month…worked as a breakfast bread, “pizza” building base, and soup accompaniment.

  15. Yes, Virginia! Foccacia is another good idea for beginners! It is great when we conquer these fears and really expand what we are capable of in the kitchen.

  16. I just made these and they turned out perfect!

  17. I just finally got around to sort of making these this morning for brunch. The dough didn’t want to rise for me though so I water proofed it and puffed up pretty nicely and was silky smooth. I added in pecans to the filling and subbed the cream cheese frosting for a lightly salted caramel sauce with pecans. What a hit!

  18. i assembled these last night and stuck them in the fridge, and when i woke up i took them out along with the cream cheese glaze and let them rise for an hour or so and then baked them. i followed everything exactly and am super pleased with the results- they were delicious! and i ended up inviting friends over to share the decadent brunch!
    fabulous; will definitely be making these again soon! im off to try doughnut muffins next!

  19. Great, Alanna. I am so glad you liked them too!