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Oak Park

This is a reminder to everyone in the Chicago area that the Oak Park Farmers’ Market is up and running again for its 33rd season! For those of you who haven’t been to Oak Park (too many Chicagoans never venture out to OP, which is silly because it is less than a half hour from the loop on the Green line), it is such a great place to spend a Saturday. Bryan and I started our day at the farmer’s market and spent the rest of our time exploring the shady streets of Oak Park, admiring architecture, shopping, and wandering through some of the town’s pretty parks.

There are many reasons to visit Oak Park but the donuts that are sold on Saturday mornings at the market are reason enough for me. They are among the best donuts I have ever eaten— and I eat a lot of donuts. These are made by crews of volunteers from local charities who share in the profits (a pretty brilliant business model). The cake donuts are served warm and I promise you won’t be able to eat just one. I am partial to the cinnamon sugar but they are all excellent. Go early because they often sell out by noon!

Oak Park Farmers’ Market [1]

460 Lake Street, Oak Park