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10 comments to “Blueberry-Cornmeal Cakes”

  1. They do sounds delicious! I love having great neighbors but that means that they always come by when they smell the baked goods and then there is very little for us to have the next day. I have seriously considered handing them bowls of batter before and baking instructions to go along!

  2. Yes!..Yes..Yes..!!!

    ..salivating. ; p

  3. I have a similar recipe that I turn to this time of year – every year. Mine is a bit more muffin like – regular sugar, a.p. flour. A good keeper, too but they don’t stick around that long with a big family! I’ll try these this time instead of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ooo, what pretty little things! My cup of coffee looks so lonely without them.

  5. those look delicious….i have been wanting to bake lately. thanks for the inspiration

  6. Very pretty. I like the little cracks in the top of each cake.

  7. All the delish blueberries bouncing around are great to see. Just pass the butter, and we’re all set!

  8. Tim, your photography is sooo getting better by the day! Or by the (cup)cake, pehaps? :)

  9. i am a newbie to ur site & thanks for claudia’s recipe! she rocks! you guys sparked me to locate the cookbook & i did!
    u can purchase thru this website (which is the inn where claudia creates her magic!) http://northforktableandinn.com

  10. Yummm….I wonder, if you made them and froze, and maybe reheated in the (toaster/)oven, would they still be good?