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I just returned from a week in Montreal and thought I would share some photos before I resume the normal programming here at Lottie + Doof.  I am really growing to love Montreal and feel a strong connection to it beyond it being Bryan’s home town. It is so vibrant and exciting during the summer months and if you are interested in eating good food, Montreal is the place for you. I am by no means an expert, but in my experience there are three restaurants that have really captured my heart. They are all perfect at what they do and manage to combine outstanding food, beautiful design and some of the best service I have ever experienced. I already raved about Au Pied de Cochon [1], so I now present Cluny Art Bar [2] and Olive & Gourmando [3] as well as some photos from the rest of the trip:

Cluny Art Bar. 257 Rue Prince. I am kind of obsessed with this place. I want to live there.

Olive and Gourmando. 351 St. Paul. Can’t imagine a better place to spend your morning.

Bryan’s grandmother’s oatmeal cookies. (more on these soon)


Poutine! Oh happy day.

A bientôt, Montreal. Thanks for the good times.