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18 comments to “Strawberries and Sour Cream”

  1. Sort of a strawberries romanoff – nothing better. Can’t wait to get to Wholly Frijoles!

  2. Ooooh, this sounds amazing! My oldest daughter just moved just outside Chicago, so I’ll have to tell her about the restaurant!

  3. This is one of my favorite desserts. I love it with a sprinkle of raw/turbinado sugar. A dollop of Greek yogurt is equally good. Don’t skip the cinnamon though! Thanks for this great, easy summer dessert idea!

  4. strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar are divine also!

  5. Yum! Fresas con creama, so simple so delicious. Great blog (P.S. RE: you’re “about” I’m an Artist/ Art theory/practice academic (a wannabe at least) turned food blogger too, so as far as I’m concerned a dinner party is art, relational aesthetics anyone?)

  6. This dessert looks like perfection in a bowl. YUM. And adding sour cream to fruit has always been a winner in my book. Try it with gourmet canned pears!

  7. Wholly Frijoles is one of my favorites! How come I didn’t know it was one of yours as well? Let’s go sometime, on a weekend at 5 p.m. to beat the crowds and appease Ames. Never had their desserts though and it seems its about time. XO!

  8. Yes, Steph, yes!

  9. My grandfather used to make something similar (in that he used fruit & sour cream). It sounds terrible, but he would top a bowl of (canned) mandarin oranges with a hearty dollop of sour cream then sprinkle the whole thing with brown sugar. It is delicious – just the right balance of tangy & sweet!

  10. Ive been eating my strawberries in a fashion similar to this for years! I take fresh strawberries and i have a bowl of sour cream and a bowl of brown sugar. I dip the strawberries in the sourcream and then in the brown sugar. Mmmmm! I also like to mix fresh strawberries with a balsamic vinegar reduction!

  11. My mom had me try the strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar the same way as Chelle described. I think it is delicious. I never thought of pairing cinnamon with strawberries before…I’ll have to give it a go!

  12. This was delicious!! My whole family loved it.

  13. Mmmm, I’ve had fruit topped with sour cream and brown sugar. The brown sugar kinda melts into the sour cream. Even better if you use creme fraiche. :)

  14. Oh yum! Strawberries with cream and brown sugar is one of my favorite treats. Every now and then I’ll splurge and use creme fraiche, but I imagine the sour cream/heavy cream combination is just as good.

  15. Ha ha, I just now read the previous comments, and I’m not so original with my brown sugar idea :o)

  16. that looks fab, and what a perfect way to compliment strawberrys:)

  17. I had never heard of this place until last week. I loved it and can’t wait to go back. The red snapper was fabulous and came with mashed potatoes AND rice! They served a jicama salad on the side and the guacamole was yum!

  18. Looks Great!