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8 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Lightexture”

  1. Wow… These shadows are amazing! Very beautiful. Seeing these images and reading this made me think about In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki. This is a really great read on light and the power and subtlety of its absence in traditional Japanese aesthetics and architecture. Luis Barragan is so wonderful and inspiring – his use of light, plane, color. Great post, as always! Have fun in NYC, T & B!

  2. gorgeous! that scone is stunning. and i love the steamer basket lamp!

  3. Nice post, darling.

  4. These are wonderful…I can’t get over that light made of the nutmeg graters! And I like that line about the lighting in homes…no one pays attention to it and it always ends up being either incredibly bright or dull looking.

  5. What a great idea – a light made of graters! I bet it casts some interesting light!

  6. Where are you Lottie? Where are you Doof? I miss seeing your new recipes & posts!!

  7. I’m here, Jen! This is the week of the move, so I am without a kitchen or any time! Don’t worry…I shall make a glorious return very soon!

  8. I LOVE this post. we also have crazy wall sconces and need replacements! Can’t wait to hear more about sources you may have found. These look awesome.