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18 comments to “Grape Focaccia with Rosemary (+Autumn)”

  1. If I can find Concord grapes I’m going to make this this weekend for when my mom comes to visit.

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. Molly, Our Whole Foods had Concord grapes, if you live near one of them. Otherwise, Fleming says you can also make it with red or black grapes. Good luck!

  4. What a beautiful and unique recipe! Oh, how I wish you lived in San Francisco… :)

  5. Great minds, Tim! I’ve been hoping to find time to make this soon. I keep seeing grapes at the farmers markets around here, and am itching to make something of them. Glad to know that the recipe is (well, as always from Ms. Fleming, right?) a hit.

  6. I’m a big fan of ambiguous carb-y dishes that could either be dessert or lunch. I never get sick of putting sea salt on sweet, baked goods. Must try!

  7. Gosh TIm, this looks just awesome. I recently tried a Claudia Fleming recipe for macarons and it doomed. :(

  8. Grapes, rosemary and focaccia – what an interesting combo. I’m having visions of curling up in front of a toasty fire with a wedge of this and some great cheese and sliced cured meats. A while ago, Divina Cucina posted a sweeter version on her blog, called Schiacciata con l’Uva. Her recipe looks delicious too, but since I prefer savory foods, your version is really calling to me!

  9. Do you think you could replace the milk powder with regular milk? I dont keep the powder on hand…I can’t wait to try it this weekend as a test run for Thanksgiving!!

  10. Hey Kate, Yes- give it a try. I would reduce the water by a tablespoon and add a tablespoon of whole milk. Should be fine. Good luck!

  11. Looks divine.

  12. The pictures insired me to make this today. It was fantastic! (I made it with the suggestions you gave to Kate) Thanks for a great post.

  13. I made this a few nights ago and it was great! Thanks Tim!

  14. CORRECTION: In the 3rd line of the recipe directions, I think it should say “3 1/2 tablespoons of softened butter” (corresponding to the softened butter amount as stated in the ingredient list).

  15. Hi Lena,
    Thanks for writing, but the recipe is correct. The remaining softened butter is used on top of the focaccia. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  16. When I was in fourth grade many years ago, my father almost bought a Concord grape farm near St. Joseph, Michigan. The farm had a contract with Welches grape juice. Fun to imagine how my life would have turned out if he had. My mom did learn that the best way to seed a Concord is with a bobby pin!

  17. i’ve made this recipe before and it’s excellent. love claudia fleming and always find inspiration in ‘the last course’.

  18. In the autumn I make grapecakes with red grapes (Dutch Frankentalers) my collegue gives me. I unseed them with tweezers. Still a lot work but the grapes stay undamaged.

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