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12 comments to “12 Days of Cookies: #7 Lottie + Doof + The Wednesday Chef!”

  1. i love this site and have enjoyed reading about and looking at all the gorgeous cookies. if i may, i’d like to make one teeny tiny complaint: almost all of these recipes have nuts! as someone who cooks for someone with a serious nut allergy, i’m crossing my fingers for a non-nut coookie recipe soon! thanks!

  2. Hey Jen, I hear you- unfortunately, I really love cooking with nuts and there are more headed your way. The shortbread and today’s cardamom can easily be made without nuts and the bow-ties and ginger sparklers are both nut free! There is at least one more nut-free cookie coming your way and one that can be adapted. So, there are some option! At least there isn’t much chocolate!

  3. thanks for the reply tim. i think i was just feeling a bit sorry for myself, but yes, i definitely have options and i’ve gotten pretty good at adapting recipes, so no worries! and about the chocolate, don’t remind me, not being able to use high quality chocolate in my baking makes me crazy. but you know what? even with nestle’s the world peace cookies still taste fabulous!

  4. Loving this series!

  5. I love the color of the pistachios! So pretty :)

  6. I feel a bit the opposite of Jen, and love cookies (or anything) with nuts and don’t love chocolate in cookies – so this series has been right up my alley!

    And Tim, I must agree with you that Luisa’s blog was one of the first that I feel for… and definitely one of the very few that I found that long ago and still check out regularly.

    Thanks to both of you for another great cookie…it’s getting dangerous that I want to make them all!

  7. Cardamom! So underused. It’s nice with any nut really, but pistachio is particularly good.

  8. The cardamom/pistachio combo sounds amazing. Great looking cookie!

  9. Two of my favorite ingredients in one cookie! They look lovely.

  10. Ooooooohhhhh – cardamom and pistachio. Can’t go wrong! I’ve got a recipe for cardamom and orange cookies that I want to make. And yes – I love Luisa’s blog too!

  11. these look amazing as do all of the lovely goodies you share with us… thank you so much… i just love your blog.. have a wonderful holiday season… x pam

  12. thanks, pam! you have a happy holiday season too!