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14 comments to “12 Days of Cookies: #9 Toasted Coconut Sables”

  1. if i am allergic to eggs, can i replace it with soy eggs?

  2. Serious about the toasting transforming the coconut. I think that gloppy stuff is seriously repulsive, but those toasty shreds you created were amazing. I would’ve eaten a bowlful.

  3. Hard-boiled egg yolk in a cookie – who’d have thunk it? I wonder how that changes the chemistry of what happens in the dough. Anyone know?

  4. Man…..this is some list so far. I got linked to this blog through another one. Happy I came here at the right time. Cant wait to start baking this list. Funny since I was just looking up some cookie recipes after having taken part in a cookie baking contest. I had made saffron cardamom shortbread with fruit and nuts. Thanks for this event.

  5. Hi Jean. I doubt it, but I don’t have any experience cooking with soy eggs. Anybody else?

  6. Bryan, you did eat a bowlful.

  7. Hi Lesbo-Kitchen, the reason the egg is hard-boiled is that you are trying to eliminate moisture from the cookies so they have a sandy texture. It works!

  8. I made these today for a party and they turned out great! I bought unsweetened coconut and toasted it myself with a little suger mixed in, worked perfectly. I think from now on I’m going to start storing rolls of the dough in my freezer :)

  9. Hi Tim, I understand the part about eliminating moisture. The thing I don’t get is how the protein in a cooked egg yolk contributes texturally or otherwise to the cookie. Would you do just as well to leave the egg yolk out?

  10. Is the yolk supposed to be dry and crumbly? I can’t peel the white from the yolk if I cook the egg only 10 minutes because it’s not cooked-through (still a tad runny), and, the yolk is gelatinous at best, not crumbly.

  11. Yes, Pam. The egg should be hard-boiled, so the yolk crumbles when passed through strainer. Not sure why this isn’t working for you. If you have a method you prefer for hard boiling eggs, feel free to use it.

  12. How does this sable’s texture compare, say with Dorie Greenspan’s sable recipe please?

  13. Hi Cynthia- I don’t know, I haven’t tried Dorie’s. Maybe someone else will be able to compare? My guess is that it isn’t very different.

  14. I had tried hers previously that use icing sugar for a tender sandy crumb. I should have made them both instead of asking, but instead sought a short cut to insight. *confession* Thank you Tim, for getting back to me so promptly and for creating this bountiful site. =)