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22 comments to “Floriole, Bryan’s Birthday, and Some Amazing Cornbread”

  1. what a lovely party table AND–hooray for the Lee Bros. & for cornbread. this TN girl can’t get enough of either.

  2. could I be drooling over that more? wow. maybe a recipe to include in our wedding menu next Autumn!



  3. Aha! I just made some buttermilk ice cream so I must make this too :)

  4. Corn Bread parfait?? Yes, Yes, YES! Always looking for a great cornbread recipe. This looks awesome. Thanks!

  5. I might be dating myself, but the first photo gave me “Pac Man Fever”. Seriously though, beautiful. The simply set table, the cornbread, the straws (I love the straws), the parfait in a jar…inspiring and lovely.

  6. The parfait is seriously crazypants. My brain is on overload. Wow. Will give this recipe a go! Thanks:)

  7. I do love me some southern style cookin’ (hence the blog name….). Cornbread is at the top of my list, and the parfait is an awesome idea!! Looks like a fun party; I had a birthday party myself this weekend, so happy belated to brian :).

  8. I love how you just say sorghum like it’s something that everybody knows. You’ve gotta translate for us yank/Canadians! Anyway, thanks for introducing me to it and for making 29 an extra special birthday!

  9. Oh, to be a guest at one of Tim and Bryan’s parties!!! Your parfiat is a perfect example of why I adore youso much, Tim!

    Happy birthday to Bryan.

  10. Adorable. Love those straws!

  11. I love the parfait! My dad used to crumble up cornbread into a glass of buttermilk and drink it! I can’t do that, but this looks goooood.

  12. Thanks for all of the great comments, folks!
    Julie- I like the cornbread in buttermilk thing too! I think buttermilk is one of my favorite things.
    Bryan- Sorghum is a sweet syrup made from sorghum plants (grasses) that is popular as a sweetener primarily in parts of the southern United States. It is delicious. I think it tastes like molasses and honey had a baby.
    The French- excellent use of the term “crazy pants”
    Pam- You are sweet! If only Oregon wasn’t so far from Chicago we would invite you over.
    For all of you interested in the parfait, you can certainly add a little extra sugar to the cornbread if you are making it to use in the parfait and want it so be sweeter. As is is, the bread is not sweet. I like it that way, but you might prefer a little extra sugar.

  13. Love this cookbook as well. Makes me want to make lots and lots of bird’s head biscuits.
    I’ve been known to take the simple route and top the crumbled corn bread with plain yogurt and honey.

  14. I adore cornbread. This looks amazing!!

  15. Sivan Harlap says:

    April 28th, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN! (ps, I love corn bread, too!) (pss, my birthday is may 31st) (psss, I’ll be 30.) (just sayin…)

  16. This sounds divine, and I’ve never tried buttermilk ice cream before. I just saw your recipe for raspberry buttermilk ice cream – hoping to try it soon. Love the table setting – looks elegant and whimsical at the same time!

  17. My most favorite use for corn bread is French toast… nice, thick slices browned and crispy on the outside, served with rhubarb compote or fresh berries and topped with honeyed Greek yogurt. It is incredible – you’ll want to eat it every day!

  18. Happy Birthday, Bryan! Sounds like a delicious party. I’m in love with the Lee Brothers. Did you happen to see them on Tony Bourdain’s show a couple years back? Adorable.

  19. Hi, Tim. Thanks for the cornbread recipe – I’m always looking for a new one, though I like the one I’ve used for cornsticks (on my blog). Your table looks festive and fun! Yours, Dan

  20. Which cookbook includes this recipe?

  21. Hey Beth, it is linked at the top of the recipe.

  22. I gave this cornbread a try last night when routine chilli-making turned into an impromptu dinner for four–it was a great hit! I kept going back to the kitchen for more. Thanks for the recipe and the tip about local cornmeal. I’ll have to try to make it to the Chicago Farm Stand sometime. Chicago is just too big and spread out when you don’t have a car!