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20 comments to “Pecan Maple Pie with Kumquats and Bourbon (the party continues)”

  1. Seriously Tim, you are bad, bad, bad for my butt and my waistline! But I LOVE you – don’t worry, I know Brian has first dibs and I kinda have a major thing with my Professor. And I’m quite grateful that I’m a 4 hour drive to Chicago or I’d be parked on your doorstep (in a good way, not a stalker way!) Instead, I shall settle for making the wonderful recipes I find on this site! Have a great weekend!

  2. I just made a pecan pie too! Never thought to include some sort of citrus with it though, the kumquats sound like such a good idea.

  3. dang you are posting recipes that are seriously, right up my alley. i love pe-can pie (i always put the dash because people need to stress the first syllable, because in the south, that’s the right way and should be everywhere else ;) ) and cornbread and who knows what’s next! the kumquats seem like a great addition. what a great party!

  4. yum…i loooove cooking with bourbon.

  5. I’m not a huge kumquat fan – they taste bitter to me. Are they sweeter here?

    Also, Tartine is my mecca. There is nothing like a morning bun or a ham croissant the size of my head.

  6. Beth- what is not to like about kumquats? or bitter?! The kumquats are essentially candied here, so yes they are sweeter. You can substitute orange zest if you like. 1 tablespoon.

  7. I love that you plan in reverse. Nice to know I’m not alone:)

    This sounds amazing. I’m never blown away by plain pecan pie so giving it a twist like this sounds enticing. There’s no sub for corn syrup is there? For some reason it makes me want to hurl…but imagine I have to get over it.

  8. Sure you saw this, but thought I’d point it out.


  9. oh, sigh. i’m so, so fond of bourbon-y desserts, which is sort of funny because straight up or in a cocktail, i can’t stand the stuff.

  10. I too am huge fan of the Tartine cookbook and bakery. I’m always so happy to see a recipe I have yet to try!

  11. What a beautifully decadent pie. I would never have thought to put kumquats in it, but it sounds lovely.

  12. gd_enough says:

    April 30th, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    My father has a kumquat tree in his back yard, and every spring we fight with the local scavengers (opossums, raccoons, squirrels, humans, etc.), too see who can consume more. I’ve never thought to look up recipes for them ’cause they are so good straight from the tree, and aside from a kumquat preserve that his neighbor makes, I have never seen them used in anything. But this recipe is saying all the right things to me. Let the romance begin!

  13. What a great looking pie! I tried maple pecan pie for the first time last year. it’s not a traditional food here in New Zealand but my friend made it for a dinner party. loved it. Thanks for the recipe!

  14. Maple pecan pie??? Thanks… I think!

  15. Sivan Harlap says:

    May 2nd, 2010 at 7:41 am

    now that looks amazing! i can almost taste it!

  16. Oooooh I love the idea of kumquats in pecan pie! I usually don’t love pecan pie because it’s too sweet — what a perfect way to cut the sweetness, and it looks beautiful too!

  17. Tim, if you’re ever looking for a Southernish layer cake, I highly recommend the Paul Prudhomme’s Roasted Pecan Cake or his cocunut cake. They can both be found in Paul Prudhomme’s Family Cookbook. Not too sweet, but showstopping and full of flavor. Also a great pecan pie with pecan butter.

  18. Pie crust is my nemesis, although I will admit I’ve only tried it a couple of times. It’s one of my few “kitchen fears.” Yours looks perfect and flaky. Maybe (?) I’ll give it another go… ;)

  19. Your crust looks lovely. I am in love with pecans. What a perfect sticky summer picnic treat this would be. I am always worrisome about tart crusts, but this recipe really makes me want to try again.

  20. I adore that shot of the table! now you having me wanting to throw together a birthday party for myself in the next week!
    That shot of the cakes is quite lovely too!