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17 comments to “Drink of Summer 2010: The Nominees (Vote!)”

  1. I voted for the Moon Safari, but I would be happy to drink any of these, any time.

  2. thanks for voting, Nicole!

  3. interesting that 3 of the drinks related to gin…

    my vote is for moon safari…sounds great! t

  4. “…for drinking with me at 7am to get good light.” You have no idea how very much I can relate to the concept of scheduling food/drink around optimal lighting conditions. ;) But 7 a.m.?!? Wow. I hope you and Bryan had some hearty brunch fare to soak up all those cocktails!

  5. p.s. I am torn, so I plan to try a couple this weekend – on the patio, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, hopefully catching a bit of color on my glaring white legs. Depending on the outcome of that taste test, I will case my vote accordingly. Hooray for the Drink of Summer!

  6. I voted for the Moon Safari as it’s the one I would most likely drink again and again; I’m more o a marg drinker than a martini drinker, but honestly it was hard. They are all very creative. Balsamic and strawberries? Come on. And I’ve never heard of grapes being used in a drink, so that’s genius. Either way, I’m getting my drink on. Maybe I’ll make all four and then let you know if I should change my vote!

  7. Moon Safari- no gin! But I guess I’m in the minority there.

  8. Ooh tough. We’re staying with friends in Oregon & came up with an ‘interim cocktail’, interim as we have to buy our ingredients for Singapore Slings in shifts as it’s SO expensive, but I doubt ours is anywhere near as good at these!

    I think we’ll be trying these out, though. My vote goes to The Red Ruby – it looks sensational, and I love the thought of the pepper & balsamic, two things that make strawberries even better.

  9. The all look so amazing. I am wavering between 3 of them, with the Moon Safari slightly in the lead.

  10. I’d like one of each, please!

  11. The photos are so gorgeous, I want to try them all! So hard to decide.

  12. Thanks for all of the nice comments, everyone.
    I’ve been enjoying watching the race and I am excited to see which drink wins!

  13. Silent Encore all the way! muddling cilantro and mixing with lime juice and hendricks is ALSO really good

    electric flavor.

  14. i like the silent encore for its look, name and ingredients.
    but the alcohol content will kick your ass!
    (although the yellow is a bit milder, the green chartreuse was known for being over 110 proof)

  15. Go Team Moon Safari!

  16. I’m with the Moon Safari. It sounds like something me and my friends would enjoy next to some nice juicy ribs :)

  17. So I was sitting in a wine bar/restaurant in Pasadena, CA (Red, White, and Bluezz) on a quiet afternoon – just having a peaceful glass of wine at a corner table near the bar. The bartender threw some grapes in his mixing glass and I thought, “I think I know that drink!” After much hoopla, including one employee introducing the bartender to everyone and singing his praises and telling us how lucky we were to have him there, he mixed, he shook, he poured, and he announced, “This is a very special drink. It’s called Uva Bella and you’re going to love it.”
    I wanted to say, “Oh, that? Old news. Lottie and Doof was all over that months ago…”