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18 comments to “Once a Year”

  1. I actually made something very similar on the 4th, but I used angel food cake


    I made it around 11pm after a dozen or so drinks, so it didn’t come out quite as pretty as yours :)

  2. Wow. Looks absolutely delicious. Planning on making it, but can you give me an estimate of how long it takes to make? (before placing it in the oven!) Loving your site :)

  3. so festive! perfect for summer! xo.

  4. Ooo0! Yum! Yum! Yum! I want to go into my kitchen this second and make that delicious cake. So wish it wasn’t midnight where I am!

    P.S. Ina Garten – you’ve gotta love her.

  5. I love Ina Garten recipes. They always turn out wonderfully. Your 4th of July cake looks lovely.

  6. I also used to wonder about the same thing when I was a kid. Why not enjoy a good thing more regularly? These cakes look fantastic. Summery and colorful!

  7. I find that I’m having an even bigger problem – I am rarely repeating recipes and most everything i make these days is something i haven’t made before! which sucks, because i’ve made a ton of things i certainly wouldn’t mind having again. i need to have a month of “repeats” i suppose…

    cake looks delish!

  8. Hi Heather, I think it is one of the dangers of what we do. It was part of the reason I started posting less often. I wanted to make the things I love.

  9. Love Ina and love any cake, muffin or pastry that has sour cream in the batter!

  10. berries, cake and cream…oh my :)

  11. I have a lot of dishes or desserts that I make only once per year and actually, I do not find this frustrating, rather exciting …
    but when I was a kid, I was really miserable that my favorite cookies were baked only for Christmas, and so on…
    On the other hand, now, I do not repeat recipes very often; certainly, there are some dishes that I cook on regular basis (otherwise I am sick)…but if one wants to develop in his/her kitchen, one has to sacrify his/her a lot..

  12. Oh those once a year recipes… I know them well.

  13. Looks amazing. You’re invited to my house for the Fourth next year!

  14. Lovely. And very inspiring. Loving your pictures!

  15. Today I also made a strawberry cake I only make once a year for my boyfriend’s birthday. Yours is totally different from my recipe, but it looks incredibly delicious! Of course it would be great to enjoy some of those once-a-year-recipes more often, but it wouldn’t feel like tradition, would it? Greetings from Germany

  16. Thanks, Jon!
    And hello to Kirsten in Germany, thanks for stopping by.

  17. I think it’s quite nice to have a special dish connected to a particular day – doesn’t mean that you can’t eat it any other day of the year though if you are craving it :)

  18. Ive made this cake many time and I love it. So east and flavorful. I usually only use one half and freeze the other. I don’t usually like to freeze things because I find the flavor is lost…but this cake bounces bake terrifically when defrosted. I highly recommend if.

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