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14 comments to “Gift Guide, Part 1: Cookbooks!”

  1. Love posts like this! Keep the faves coming!

  2. Fenomenal post: thank you! I was JUST starting to write to Santa and making my list. This is exactly what I needed. I own a few of them already but am missing some wonderful ones.

  3. What a great list of some really good books you have thr! Gonna refer to it when buying some Christmas presents this yr. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my god, that Martha Stewart book!

  5. your superior taste levels has shined through in this great post!
    all these cookbooks are magnificent…i cannot wait to garner the ones i do not own.

    tim, i purchased my copy of “the last course” from the north fork table & inn… ms. fleming presides over desserts & i believe is co-owner.

    look forward to “tim’s ultimate favs!”

  6. I totally agree — The Last Course is one of my most favorite baking books, period. (And I have two hundred, easy. Ouch!) Have you seen that it goes for a cool $100+ on the used market?? I feel ridiculously lucky to have bought one, new!

    Plenty is a standing favorite, also, but the new Simon Hopkinson is new to me. Both ‘Roast Chickens’ are much-thumbed favorites. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention!

  7. there are at least 3 on there that I really want!

  8. What an incredible resource. Plenty has been on my wish-list for too long, and I am totally with the vegetarian trend. YES, great idea. I want so many from your list, and you’ve sorted the book clutter out in my head. WOW…’The Last Course’…me wanty!

  9. I’m always looking for new cookbook ideas. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  10. Awesome! I was just making my Chanukah-Holiday request list. Of course I have all of “The Ina’s” books, but I was looking to expand my horizons. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of The New Brooklyn Cookbook and Baked– both Brooklyn-centric, which is where I live. Any cookbooks that cull recipes from great Chicago establishments? Thanks for including the vegetarian books. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 10, but I’m not a rabbit and I love to eat delicious, flavorful foods. Love your blog. Happy Holidays.

  11. sigh*. Big sigh again.

    You’re suggestions always hit the wanty-needy nail on the head, never failing to satisfy. Thanks.

  12. I’m looking for a few new cookbooks. Thanks for the selection!

  13. Totally agree with you re: Tartine and Good to the Grain. So many great books- must get my hands on all. Nice list, Tim!

  14. Gonna refer to your post when buying books for my collection… Thanks!