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23 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Snookelfritz = Wow!”

  1. More delicious than any other ice cream!? Thank goodness we will be home for the holidays. Snookelfritz here we come!

  2. Now that’s a sundae! I love all of the components, wow.

  3. Does Nancy have any idea how much you must like her to agree to put chocolate on your blog?

  4. Love her name… and packaging. Brian is an ice cream nut, so it looks like this might be part of his Christmas gift. Thanks for the idea.

  5. David- yes, it is a testament.
    Caroline- you guys will love this!

  6. I feel so dumb for never picking up some Snookelfritz at Green City! This looks so delicious.

    How do you store your homemade ice cream? I haven’t found a perfect containter yet.

  7. Hey Whitney, I normally store in a snap-lock (Tupperware-like) container. I also bought some of the cardboard containers (shown in second to last photo) that it is normally sold in, which are good for giving as gifts and also if you want a pretty photo.

  8. I’ve never seen nougat in ice cream before! Looks and sounds amazing.

  9. OMG: this post is totally enough to make me run out today & buy an ice cream maker…
    i confess i have not made ice cream @ home…@ workshops yes…but this is so tempting!
    tim, do you still recommend the cuisinart ice? & as you suggest…i will purchase dl’s the perfect scoop!

  10. Yes, Linda, I still love my little Cuisinart. I have been using it for about 3 years now without any problems. It is on a pretty good sale at Amazon right now:

  11. Hi Tim, I thought her homemade meal sounds like something you would love! (i.e. the What’s for dinner question and answer of homemade orecchiette with delicata squash, roasted chestnuts, pecorino and sage.) Thanks for another feature on the great places in your town.

  12. Lynh, You are right, I totally wanted that dinner when I read it. Ha. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  13. Thanks for sharing, Tim. The flavours you mentioned sound fantastic! Of course, it just so happens that I’ve just left Chicago for the holidays…but as soon as I get back, I’m definitely going to have to rope a friend with a car into driving to the North side for a special ice-cream run.

  14. such amazing, extremely creative flavours! who thinks of this stuff? summer is in full swing here and all i’m craving for is ice cream! gah!

  15. It looks delicious! But I would buy it for the awesome name alone. Its deliciousness will just be an added bonus!

  16. I LOVE Snooklefritz ice cream. I actually worked with Nancy AGES ago at Okno (The food world in very tiny indeed) . I recently had her Rose Valhrona ice cream. All I can say is WOW. Loved the flavor profile. Nancy is queen when it comes to amazing flavor combos.

  17. “Homemade orecchiette with delicata squash, roasted chestnuts, pecorino and sage.”
    Can we get a recipe for this from Nancy? It sounds FANTASTIC.

  18. Ooh, that looks SO good. Another reason to visit Chi-town.

  19. Tim, it’s been so much fun reading all of these comments. Thanks so much for including me. The photos really look amazing! I hope to see everyone at Green City soon!

  20. Thank you, Nancy! This recipe is amazing. Finished the last of the ice cream tonight with friends. See you soon!

  21. I love your bravery of making frigid desserts in frigid climates. I just moved my ice cream maker to the back of the cabinet and my slow cooker to the front. You’ve inspired me and just maybe we’ll see something frozen on Christmas. Okay I live in LA and it’s not quite as bold.
    Thanks for another amazing idea. Your site is so great!

  22. Thanks, Sherri! I’m usually in Los Angeles for Christmas and I know that you have no right to complain about weather! It is perfect ice cream time for you. Try the bourbon ice cream, too. It is incredible. Happy Christmas!

  23. It IS truly the best ice-cream ever!

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