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31 comments to “Coconut Sticks”

  1. yum! and I am loving the bumper crop of posts in 2011.

  2. Ha! Claire, that is what happens when I take a break. I keep cooking but end up with a pile-up of posts. I’ve still got a few more from over the holidays! Stay tuned.

  3. I really want this cookbook. Cookie heaven!

  4. i wish i liked coconut! these look so beautiful! nice work.

  5. I really want to get my hands on that cookbook too! I’m putting a hold on it at the library. These cookies look amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I love coconut and cookies (well maybe).

  6. No way. Rustic looks like the way you should go for these. They have a great look to them. And they also look deceivingly buttery, which is a good thing.

  7. I can picture one of these perched lovingly atop key lime cheesecake. I luckily am going to make said cheesecake, and now, thanks to you, the perfect accompaniment. Yay!! I love your blog, your pictures are gorgeous and you make such delicious sounding unique things!

  8. Tim, I swore I wouldn’t want another cookbook for at least a month and now you’re gone and done it to me with these cookies . . . because me and coconut go waaayyyyyy back! I like it when you’re on break and you have posts stored up – bring ’em on! Happy New Year Tim! Debra

  9. i just got this cookbook, too, and am loving reading her techniques. the only thing missing is lots of photos, so i’m glad you’re posting some!

  10. Just picked this up from the library! Can’t wait to try some recipes. Have you tried Kim Boyce’s coconut cookie recipe? I haven’t yet, but I’m very interested!

  11. These look sooo good! I’ll definitely be making these soon. My mom and I will love them – were coconut fanatics!!

  12. I bet this dough would be fantastic pressed into tartlet pans and used for key lime pie. Thanks for sharing it!

  13. I can’t wait to try these. Coconut is heaven.

  14. I can hardly wait to make these cookies! Your photo just popped off the screen and screamed “make me”! Happy New Year!!

  15. I love Alice Medrich’s baking style! I own Pure Dessert and Bittersweet and have tried many of her wafer and cookie recipes. I was wondering if Chewy, Gooey, Crispy… covers new ground or simply compiles her cookie recipes. What are your thoughts?

  16. Hey Emily, Good question! I would say it is somewhere in between. There are definitely familiar recipes, but also a bunch of new ones. I think Pure Dessert remains her best work and if I could only have one of her books, it would be that one. You should definitely check it out in person before buying it.

  17. What I wouldn’t give for a crispy coconut cookie right now! I love how pretty they are in your glass cookie jar.

  18. yummy yummy!

  19. Rustic cookies are so pretty, I think. Only 1/4 inch wide? They truly are sticks. My husband gave me Gourmet’s Cookie Book for Christmas, so in spite of our healthy New Year’s resolutions, I’ll be baking (more) cookies soon, too. Damn the calories – nothing a walk around the block (or farmer’s market) won’t take care of.

  20. When I made these the other day I don’t think I pressed the dough down hard enough. When I went to cut them they completely crumbled apart. I ended up baking all the crumbs anyway, and ended up with a delicious topping for yogurt, etc.

  21. Hi Lyndsey- I have been experimenting with other flavors of these and once that happened to me too. I ended up re-crumbling the dough and adding a little more water and then re-pressing it into the pan. Worked like a charm. But sorry for the frustration with this batch!

  22. I just got a copy of this book recently and have been a bit overwhelmed at the sheer number of recipes that are tempting me! I can’t seem to make up my mind which to try first. It looks like these were easy to make and quite successful for you. I like the fact that the dough comes together by hand and that there is no rolling out required.

  23. I made these today and they are AWESOME! I must make some more asap because the whole family loves them and they’re almost gone. BUT, after a few test-slices, I had to re-form the dough with a lot more water because it would not hold its shape when cut. I was concerned it would affect the taste or texture since the dough ended up being a lot wetter – but I am happy to report that the cookies came out wonderful!! They required about 10-12 more minutes in the oven to brown and crisp, but I think they actually taste better than the first few slices I baked from the original dough. Thanks for the recipe! I’m waiting for the book to arrive in mail so I can try other recipes.

  24. Hi Danielle,
    Awesome! So glad these worked for you. Getting the moisture level correct is a little tricky, but they seem very forgiving.

  25. oh yum! these sound delicious! Esp with a cuppa.

  26. man i wish i could eat your blog! i keep bookmarking recipes but apparently can’t follow through.

  27. I made these cookies and added some lemon zest and thyme to them. They tasted great, but needed a bit of extra water like Danielle mentioned. And many thanks to you Tim, for making me discover Alice Medrich, who is quite unknown on this side of the ocean. I feel like Alice in Cookieland since I bought her book. Everything in the book so inspiring and delicious. You should definitely try Cafe Olla sticks too.

  28. After having this recipe on my “to bake” list literally for years (since Alice Medrich’s Cookies and Brownies), I finally made these yesterday. They are wonderful and I’m sorry it took so long to find them. I did the food processor method of pulsing the flour, sugar, & salt; adding the butter and pulsing until sandy, then adding the water & vanilla, pulsing, then adding the coconut and pulsing it until it starts to clump together. 5.625 oz of AP flour was one cup plus 3T for me, but I didn’t need any additional water. I turned the mixture onto the foil, formed it into a 4 x 9 block, chilled it overnight, and was able to carefully slice & bake them. These wowed everyone who’s a coconut lover.

  29. Nice work, Louise! I am glad to hear you liked them. I am a huge fan of this recipe, too!

  30. i found this recipe yesterday and just took them out of the oven. could barely wait for them to cool before taking a bite. love love love them!!! no problem with the recipe as written. put mine in the loaf pan to chill. being a fan of crunchy cookies, these suit perfectly and i love how both the taste and texture of the coconut is subtle. can’t wait to have them with a cappuccino tomorrow morning!!!

  31. Just made these and they are so good! I believe you might edit your last statement that these will keep in a container a few days IF they don’t manage to disappear just after they’ve cooled. Super crispy and yummy. I halved it and chilled in a smaller pan. Had some crumbling issues when transferring to the sheet pan but luckily that ends up being more of an aesthetic thing. Have you ever frozen the dough? I saved a very small slice of dough when the sheet was full and threw it in the freezer to try…though I’d think Medrich would note it… : )