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24 comments to “Lemony Pineapple-Pear Preserves”

  1. Thanks, Tim! I’ve been waiting for this since I read about the jammers. I’m going to try it for sure…. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Ever since last May I have been a bit obsessed with making jam. You have now given me another wonderful recipe to make – this sounds absolutely divine! Have a terrific week!

  3. Could you freeze the jam? Does the recipe make a lot? Thanks, it sounds delicious!

  4. aecummings2 says:

    February 28th, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    “Jammers” have totally taken over my mind. I bought the pears and pineapple yesterday and was kicking myself for having given away all my canning supplies years ago…. then the voice or reason: namely Tim: “I didn’t bother to process…” yeah, like fourish pints of jam could ever last long enough to spoil in the fridge! Thanks for thinking things through, Tim!

  5. About how much jam does this recipe yield??

  6. 4 pints.

  7. Georgine, I wouldn’t freeze. It makes 4 pints. I would either properly can them, or give a couple to friends and keep a couple in the fridge.

    ae, ha!

  8. Adding the vanilla bean sounds divine! I will definitely have to try this very very soon.

  9. I haven’t had pineapple jam for years even though it used to be my favourite. Your photos are making me crave some of it with thick slices of toast :)

  10. I am all over this. Thanks Tim!

  11. i like your great idea of making these fab preserves & giving to friends w/o the entire canning thing.
    i met sarabeth @ a book signing last year & she is truly so very passionate & gracious!
    i agree with you tim…her cookbook is magnificent…from the layouts, paper & certainly recipes!

  12. oh yes i do – i love this recipe; you’re right on target about swirling some of this into yogurt or even better, coffeecake!!

  13. so glad you posted this! i was hoping it would pop up after the mention in those cookies…

  14. If there is one fruit I just cannot eat, it’s pineapple. It’s way too acidic for me! You know what I secretly hope? That’s you’d make more chocolate-y goodies (I know you’re not a fan, but still…)

  15. Oh Shaheen, as much as I’d like to help–I just really don’t care about chocolate. But there are like 17 million chocolate recipes on other sites, so I think you’ll find some good stuff. ; )

  16. I never think of pineapple in jam. Shame! Thank you for the inspiration, Tim.

  17. Lemony pineapple pear. I’m letting the sound of that roll around on my tongue for a while. Imagining the citrusy element… the texture of the pear… the puckery sweetness of the pineapple. Sounds fabulous.

    Thinking this could have some VERY interesting savory applications as well…

  18. This looks lovely! I’m totally bookmarking this for the next pear harvest…

  19. this looks lovely and very unique. i would think with the pineapple/ lemon that it would have enough acidity to stay shelf stable at room temp if properly processed. do you have any idea about processing time for 1/2 pint jars? thanks!

  20. Just made the preserves and jammers cookies today – delicious! I tasted the jam in the beginning stages of cooking and was worried it might be a little too sweet so I added the zest of 1 lemon. This gave it a nice zip. Be forewarned: these are addictive!

  21. Hey Jenny, it is sweet–I bet the added lemon zest was nice. Will try that next time. Thanks for checking in.

  22. Made this today, but I water bath processed it. It tasted delicious. I hope it sets up well.

  23. This sounds awesome!!! Would be wonderful spread on a slice or two of bread that’s just come out of the oven. Yummmmm!!!

  24. The Jammers were so delicious! I decided to make this jam today. (too late for zest- a great idea) Using 8 regular sized Bartlett pears and one nice sized pineapple, (vanilla bean paste) my yield was just 2 1/2 pints! Maybe weighing the pears would have made a difference?