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16 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Jo Snow = Sweet!”

  1. Awesome! i love Jo Snow. My favorite is the fig vanilla black pepper — it’s amazing in a latte.

    Grapefruit, lime and ginger sounds like an amazing combination. Would love this mixed with some vodka and club soda. Nice!

  2. Agreed, F&F, Fig, Vanilla, Black Pepper is SO good. I love it on ice cream.

  3. Ohhhhhh….. syrup. Now that spring is here – time to be outside and drink fruity cocktails! Awesome ideas for creative simple syrups!

  4. The timing of this post is excellent… I randomly bought a yuzu at the Tai Nam Market yesterday, and syrup sounds like the perfect way to use it.

    Approximately how long will this keep in the refrigerator?

  5. Hey Emily- Sounds good! I usually keep simple syrups around for a couple of weeks, maybe longer. The high sugar content will keep it relatively safe.

  6. …I bet this would be great over freshly fallen snow! I know, I know, I bet that sounded dorky but still, I bet it would be good…*giggle* ;o)

    …Thank you for the recipe!

    …Blessings… :o)

  7. i love making syrups!! I haven’t tried the Jo Snow, but when I’m in Chicago next (should be very soon, yea!!!) I’ll have to grab a bottle or two.

  8. Her syrups sound wonderful, as does yours! There’s nothing quite like ginger and citrus. My post actually has a syrup recipe hidden in it today as well (orange and rosemary). I wonder what it is about the beginning of spring that has us turning to sugar drizzles? Maybe it’s the thought of all those bright sunny drinks in our near future.

  9. Carollina says:

    March 21st, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Well, hurrah, Jo Snow is at the Marion Street Cheese Market! I will have to check the syrups out when I come up for air after Election Day.

  10. Fun with syrups! Thank you for saying that you can’t go wrong with creativity :) I made some ginger pomegranate syrup around Christmastime and gave bottles to friends as gifts, along with a bottle of prosecco. I had no clue what I was doing, but it turned out. You’ve inspired me to revisit the syrup-making for summertime.

  11. That kale answer is tops. I love this emerging trend of beautifull-crafted, creative syrups, and her packaging is gorgeous.

  12. Wow. Thanks Tim for such a lovely blog post about my syrups. And thanks for all the lovely comments, L & D fans. I take it as a high compliment that some of you have enjoyed my Fig Vanilla Black Pepper syrup. Kimberly, thanks for the compliment on my packaging. I love it. I think my designer, Jennifer Mayes did a great job capturing the essence of Jo Snow. Can’t wait to try your recipe, Tim & the orange rosemary from Christine’s blog. Yay!

  13. We love her syrups! (& her!) Not only great cocktail fixings, but terrific for salad dressings.
    We roasted blood oranges in her tangerine syrup and added to rice pudding! So tasty!
    Congrats on Saveur as well!

  14. Perfect timing, Tim! I’m headed out of town on spring break and wanted to bring clever hostess gifts to my foodie family. I looked online, found a retail location, and snapped up several bottles – well, several for family and several for me. I’m bummed that the fig vanilla black pepper was gone, but I think I’ve got enough to work with :-) The first thing I thought of was having it along with prosecco, but wow…whipped cream? drizzled in yogurt? OMG, the possibilities are endless!

  15. Tim, when your recipe says ‘3/4 water’, do you mean cups?

  16. I’ve never had Jo Snow, but I’m going to find some. Looks amazing… and who doesn’t love great packaging?
    By the way, how have I been floating around the blogisphere and never bumped into your site before. LOVE it!