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Magazines and Dinners!

Two fun updates before I continue with regularly scheduled programming.

First of all, Bryan and I are two of the first-time homeowners profiled in the June/July issue of ReadyMade [1] magazine. I love the issue (which is dedicated to first homes) and I really enjoyed reading about what others went through and the advice they had to share. There are some great photos of our apartment (mostly our kitchen!) and even a sweet shot of us eating breakfast. Eating your breakfast in front of a photo/design team and trying to act normal is not an easy task—especially for jokers like us.

This week was also my second dinner at Floriole. I had a great time working in the kitchen and getting to connect with those of you that joined us for our spring meal. It was such a pleasure to see/meet some of my fellow Chicago bloggers (Sara [2], Elizabeth [3], and Caroline [4]!) as well as other readers and friends who made the trip up from neighborhoods as far away as Hyde Park (Katie and Octavian!), were sent to the dinner by friends in other cities (Melina!), or showed up despite feeling under the weather because they are true-blue friends (Katie!). And of course I had so much fun working with all of my friends at Floriole.

This time around, Melissa Yen (remember her?! [5]) of Jo Snow [6] syrups crafted us a beautiful rhubarb and basil syrup that we turned into a delicious beer cocktail. We all agreed we would be drinking this one all summer long.

We used Goose island Sofie (a Belgian-style ale that they describe as “tart, dry, sparkling”), a splash of soda water, and some of the rhubarb basil syrup. All of that on ice with a sprig of basil and a slice of rhubarb. A great contender for the official Drink of Summer, or at least of early summer.

Thanks to everyone for the good times this week! I’ll keep you posted on future events.

Next up, rhubarb mania sweeps my kitchen. Again.