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47 comments to “Rhubarb and Raspberry Crostata”

  1. I do indeed have a rhubarb problem. With some people it’s alcohol, with me it’s rhubarb….I kid, I kid, but this does look good enough to be addictive!

  2. That crust, the berries, the rhubarb! My mouth is watering!

  3. I am what you might call a rhubarb skeptic but I must admit this looks delicious! I may be introduced to rhubarb (I’ve never actually eaten it before) through this recipe! :)

  4. I’ve seen a lot of raspberry rhubarb pairings lately and have been meaning to give it a shot. This recipe looks like the perfect opportunity – I <3 crostata! Thanks!

  5. Strawberries and rhubarb come about the same time, it is kind of a stretch but I think that is why they are paired. It works. Raspberries probably work better. This is a beautiful dessert. You continue to impress me post after post. Nice work!

  6. I finally purchased some rhubarb. I know this is crazy. But now the question is, recipe 1 or recipe 2?

  7. I just thought I had found my ideal rhubarb pairing: hibiscus flower, after Kim Boyce “Good to the grain” (yes, that stunning picture in the cover). I loved the different acidity and earthiness of hibiscus. But, raspberries will make the jam just as deep red and even more tasty.. Brilliant.

  8. mmm yummy! Will have to try it!

  9. I adore the look of this – the word crostata even makes me giddy. I have rhubarb in my fridge so if I can just get my grubby hands on some raspberries then this is mine!
    Agreed on the strawberry/rhubarb thing. I’d not heard of this obsession until moving stateside but people go crazy for the combo here! I find it a bit too sweet – most recipes seem to be trying to calm the rhubarb down. I say, let its tartness shine!

  10. Oh mean, I’ve had this dog-eared since I got the issue in the mail. Now I’m just going to have to make it.

  11. I love the rustic look of the crust. Do you think the recipe could be successfully adapted for other fruits?

  12. You’re killing me, Tim. Killing me.

  13. I LOVE the idea of pairing rhubarb with raspberries, and the color of the filling looks absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Oh I love everything about this! Raspberry and rhubarb sounds divine.

  15. Now THIS is a bright red dessert I can totally hang with. ;) Gorgeous!

  16. This is definitely getting bookmarked for when rhubarb season comes around again in Canberra. I am just starting to make my own pastry, and this looks like a good place to dive in. Cheers.

  17. This looks amazing. I think I will deviate from my normal, boring rhubarb crumble and give this a go this weekend :)

  18. i love karen demasco, and i love raspberry with rhubarb! i had some raspberry-rhubarb sorbet last summer, and it was amazing. you said the crust was perfect, but have you tried kim boyce’s rye crust? it’s also super good. beautiful photos as always!

  19. I want to reiterate Caroline’s question regarding which recipe to make. If you could chose only one recipe, would you say the crostata or the buckle is better?

  20. This crostata looks wonderful. I love the idea of pairing rhubarb with raspberry!

  21. Renate and Caroline- I dunno! I can’t answer that one for you. I really enjoyed both- but they are quite different! Perhaps you should just make both.

  22. Yours words and the photos do absolute justice to this post. I really fee like some of this right now :-)

  23. That looks sooo good, I love the pairing of raspberry with the rhubarb. Delish!

  24. I made this crostata today and it was so wonderful. Now I’m scheming a way to make it again before all the rhubarb leaves the farmer’s markets…

  25. I am right there with you on the raspberry rhubarb pairing. The best! I would like to eat this immediately, if not sooner.

  26. SHUT UP!! oh wow.

  27. that looks absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your crust in particular looks divine!

  28. I love crostatas! I always use a separated egg: the yolk is brushed on the bottom & then a tablespoon or so of semolina is sprinkled over it: allegedly to stop the crust from getting soggy from the fruit. The white is then brushed on the edge (once folded over) and sprinkled with crunchy sugar (here in the UK I use preserving sugar–extra large sugar crystals, pearl sugar or crushed cubes could be used). Marvelous!

  29. Mmm wow. Yours looks better than the magazine version.
    And how much do you love Bon Appetit?! I got some of my favourite recipes from that magazine!

  30. I love how juicy it looks! I’m a sucker for rhubarb and raspberries (all berries, actually) and they are wonderful together (haven’t tried rhubarb with strawberries since they’re in different seasons here in Brazil). Free form tarts are so rustic and beautiful.

  31. Delicious! Eat Boutique loves crostatas almost as much as we love rhubarb. What a great way to appease all of our obsessions. Thanks!

  32. wow, this crostata looks delicious!

  33. This looks wonderful–and such beautiful photos!! This may have to be added to my list of rhubarb recipes that must be made before the season ends… I share your profound love for rhubarb. As you said in the last post, it is a harbinger of summer in the Midwest (I’m in Michigan), promising all the glory that is to come. I, uh, wrote a poem about it on my blog last week. It’s a serious devotion I have.

  34. I am making this as I type. everything is turning out great and tasting so good.. can’t wait til it’s done so i can eat it!!!

  35. I made this today, and it was delicious! I will definitely be making this again.

  36. I first wanna say that I love your blog!! That crostata looks ahhhmazing. I’ve never made one before and really need to give it a try. :)

  37. I can’t wait to make this! Here in Ontario we get rhubarb long before we get berries of any sort, so I’ve stashed away a freezer bag full of cut-up stalks, just waiting for the berries and the right recipe – now all I need are the berries! ;)

  38. This truly was incredibly easy and absolutely wonderful. It looked exactly like the picture and the crust came together so easily and exactly as you described. I upped the raspberry a bit (9 oz instead of 6) and it was delightful. Had family visiting from Europe and was told it was the best pie they had ever had. The crust was tender, flaky, and truly perfect. And so so so easy! Thank you — you made me look like a professional chef!

  39. I linked to you (twice!) in my blog post about making a variation of this pie!


  40. Dianne- AWESOME! That is so great. Isn’t it the best when something we bake is so impressive?! So happy you liked it.

  41. Hello,
    I’ve made this twice since I saw it here on your blog. May I ask, what was your experience like rolling out the crust? Both times I found it a bit finicky. I did mix the dough by hand, instead of with a food processor–I’m wondering if that made a difference, or if I’m not used a wetter dough.

  42. Jamie Jean says:

    June 22nd, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    I just cut up 32 pounds of Ruhbarb this afternoon for my sister! I will be sending her a link to this recipe. Just last week I tried making a raspberry-ruhbarb sorbet. I have to say they do make a good couple.

  43. I’ve to agree with you on this – I by far like the raspberry-rhubarb combination as compared to the strawberry-rhubarb. Although I’ve to say that a combination of all three, with majority being rhubarb is awesome too!

  44. Oh my, this post made me a tad bit weepy. My Great Oma (who taught me how to bake) always refused to do rhubarb + strawberry, and swore that raspberry complimented rhubarb much better.

  45. Thank you so much for posting this. This recipe was wonderful – I made it last night and had my mom over to taste it who is a rhubarb fanatic. However I am now left with 1/3 of the crostata which I have been slowly eating slices of all day :)

  46. Thank you so much for another wonderful recipe! My grandmother was able to come to our house for Mother’s Day, and she ate two huge pieces! Even my cousins, who do not like rhubarb at all, complimented the recipe. Thank you so much

  47. Awesome! This looks absolutely scumptious… I can’t wait to try this out. Really pretty photo’s too.