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18 comments to “Buttermilk Barley Biscuits”

  1. Lovely post, as always, and these biscuits look scrumptious. Also, brunch parties are delightful. Good for you for hosting!

  2. I love barley flour. In Greece we use it all the time for bread and dried rusks.
    I will give these cookies a try. They sound good!

  3. These would probably make good strawberry (or other berry) shortcakes as well. Might try that for my next dinner party, or what the heck, for brunch!

  4. …Very intriguing and must try! I will also have to check into this book, I love the thought of a cook book devoted to strictly breakfast/brunch oriented foods. :o)

    …Thank you for sharing and bravo to you for being the perfect host! ;o)


  5. Oh these sound so very good. Biscuits? Check. Now on perfecting a brunch cocktail…

  6. Back in the old days when The Breakfast Book was published and I was poor, I used to check it out from the public library, bring it back after two weeks and recheck it this way time and time again, as if the book belonged only to me. Now, one of my prized possessions is my signed first edition! Times do change.

    This is my favorite cookbook of all time. As you mentioned, Tim, I’ve blogged about it too! I admit though, that I’ve never made these biscuits. Time to change that next Sunday morning!

  7. These biscuits sound delicious and very easily to make! Need to try this and the sugar snap salad, though not together!

  8. Tim, my past few months have entailed a love affair with barley flour and I have never heard of these biscuits. Thanks for showcasing them. I also happen to have eight (!!) new flavors of jam that I made in the last three weeks. I’m thinking either the wild sour plum or a perfect simple apricot preserve would taste delicious on these.

  9. These are gorgeous, and sound like the perfect thing for me to spread all this homemade jam I’ve been making on!

  10. Wauw! I simply must buy The breakfast Book….but until then, these biscuits could help me through :-) I am constantly on the lookout for recipes using barley flour (you might want to give this recipe af try: http://nami-nami.blogspot.com/2011/03/estonian-soda-bread-recipe.html – it’s from the estonian foodblogger Pille Petersoo and is delicious) – it has such an interesting flavour, and even though barley used to be a common crop in Denmark, it somehow is not a part of the current cooking repertoire, only as italian inspired pearl barley. But then, our dark rye bread is always, has always been and will always be our culinary holy grail ;-)

  11. Tim, these biscuits look awesome. I wonder if oat flour could also be used for this.

  12. You know, I’ve never been much of a brunch food person (brunch-ette?) before, but lately I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve been missing out this whole time. Who am I to ignore such a magical merging of breakfast and lunch foods?! These biscuits look wonderful! I love that they’re so flat, and high five for coffee cake love.

  13. These look yummy! And (as a Frank Lloyd Wright fan) Oak Park is one of my favorite places!

  14. I’ve never given barley flour much thought (in fact I never knew it existed). I do love brunch with friends and biscuits, so it looks like a win. I’m going to look for the book too. Looks great.

  15. I love brunch, love your photos and the recipe. Very inspiring, thank you.

  16. So pretty. I need me one of these.

  17. Hmmmm. These look familiar….When are we doing it again?!

  18. Kate Turner says:

    March 16th, 2014 at 11:46 am

    I made these today and they were awesome!! They tasted light and had a great flavor. I ate them with cream cheese/jelly (as recommended).I also tried them with butter and then with just honey. They were wonderful each way.

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