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Watermelon Salad Thing

This was so obvious!

I was walking by a restaurant (Forno [1]) in my old neighborhood (Wicker Park!) and the server was delivering something to the table that kind of blew my mind. It was a slice of a watermelon, cut into slices like a pizza, and topped with a delicious looking salad mix. What?

Everyone makes watermelon salads, but I had never seen one in this form. To be eaten like a slice of pizza! It was brilliant. And also so obvious that I am still surprised it was the first time I’ve encountered it.

I stopped to look at the menu and saw it was topped with the usual suspects, herbs, onion, cheese, olives. I’ve recreated it here, for you. You should top your watermelon slice with whatever you like. Let’s be honest, the real star here is the presentation.

Watermelon Salad Thing

I used: kalamata olives, red onions (which I sliced thin and rinsed), ricotta salata, fresh basil (torn), and I sprinkled it all with a little vinaigrette made with honey, champagne vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. The original also included some roasted tomatoes. Feta and mint would be nice. Arugula, too.