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Day 1: Maple Pecan Cookies

Once again, I am pleased to bring you 12 Days of Cookies!! Over the next 12 days I (along with some very special guests) will be bringing you a collection of cookie recipes to share with your friends, family or self. I am super excited to be tackling this project, even if it means putting myself at risk for Cookie Exhaustion.

The cookie celebration unofficially kicked off yesterday at Dose Market [1], where my friend Sandra [2] and I sold some delicious cookies to market-goers. Dose is a monthly market that brings together local food and fashion vendors to pedal their wares in a beautiful, light-filled space in downtown Chicago. I’m a huge fan of the market and was thrilled to participate this time. It was a bit of a preview of the fun that is about to come your way.

Sandra and I curated a collection of 7 cookies that were specially made for Dose-goers by the amazing bakers at Floriole. Sandra, Bryan, and I staffed the table (along with our friends Katie and Justin) and enjoyed a cookie or two between customers. It was a great event and I really enjoyed getting to meet some of you in person. I also enjoyed food from great Chicago food makers (fried chicken from Sunday Dinner [3], tamales from Las Manas [4], dumplings from Bill Kim [5] and his crew, iced tea from Rare Tea Cellar [6], preserves from Rare Bird [7] and Mess Hall [8] and savory pies from Hoosier Mama [9]—it was a Chicago all-star line up ).

I am going to share a couple of recipes from Dose over the next 12 days, starting with today’s Maple Pecan Cookies. This is one of Sandra’s recipes and a beautiful spin on the classic Mexican wedding cookie (or as some of us call them, balls [10]). It is packed full of pecans and sweetened with maple syrup; a little orange zest pushes it over the top. It couldn’t be easier to make. We handed out recipe cards to everyone at Dose, but I wanted to hand one to you, too. Please accept this electronic version. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks! Happy baking, my little cookie monsters.