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23 comments to “Day 3: Bon Appétempt + Evergreen Shortbread”

  1. Love her! What a great Q&A.

  2. Who knew 6 ingredients could be festive, mouthwatering and wipe the competition clean at a cookie swap (I dont’ know, Amelia’s mom’s office does it every year)? Green eggs and ham move over for green tea and butter: Dr. Suess for the new foodie age.

  3. …”If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?
    Probably a potato because my mom loves them so much.” – Love this! :o)

    …I have never heard of Douglas Fir tea, so unusual. Or not, as I need to get out more. *sigh*giggle*

    …I love shortbread cookies, love tea, love the appearance as well as love Douglas Firs. It’s a win-win! Thank you for sharing.

    …Blessings :o)

  4. Love! Shortbread is such a great cookie for the holidays. And the color on these cookies is so uber pretty.

  5. So glad to be a little part of this blessed tradition!! Alsooo, thank you for the kind words–I’m blushing on my side of the computer screen over here. Also, so glad you deemed the green dye mandatory! I wanted to, but chickened out. :) :)

  6. Love it! Great piece- and the cookies look good too!

  7. The only time I tried something flavored with douglas fir was at this boutique chocolate shop in Toronto. It was shaped like a tall triangle and paired with a dark bittersweet chocolate. Quite interesting…

    What a refreshing spin on the classic shortbread. I do agree a touch of color is perfection :)

  8. Fun! Great cookies! Love Bon Appetempt!

  9. I love this series. Thanks for including Bon Appetempt! Amelia says she knows who dies in the next kinfolk, but she won’t tell anyone.

  10. Awesome! I totally agree with all that you say about Bon Appetempt and Amelia – she’s refreshing, hilarious and an incredible writer and storyteller. Magic. (And I am so intrigued by this Evergreen tea!)

  11. Talk about festive! Where can I find this evergreen tea? I’ve not heard of this before, but am interested to incorporate it into holiday goodies.

    You picked a great person to highlight here. Enjoy her blog immensely as well.



  12. I can personally attest to the deliciousness of this tea. I had the great fortune of having it served to me by none other than Matt. Actually, I think I made it myself. But I sipped it with Matt. It was one of my favorite teas ever! Worth the purchase for sure.

    What a great post! I also LOVE Amelia and her blog. And I love Lottie and Doof! I wanted to tell you that I thought your gift guide was really great. Also, I have been thinking about those fig swirl cookies ever since you posted them! They are on my cookie list this year.

    Hope you have lovely holidays!

  13. Sounds very interesting. When you say ‘packet of tea’, do you mean the contents of one teabag or do you mean the whole 1/4lb packet?

  14. Delish cookie! A Nordic aside – hate to burst the Swedish dream bubble but while Sweden is a lovely place to visit and I have spent months there at a time over the years, it pretty much exactly resembles your regular life. Rather, it’s an ideal place to travel if you prefer to avoid the exotic.

    Very comfortable, polite, safe and familiar. And everyone speaks english perfectly. I’ve been to plenty of seated dinners there where everyone else was Swedish and they all spoke english for me. Very gracious. Great place to visit, just don’t expect to feel as if you’ve gone far from home.

  15. Hi Cat- not a 1/4 pound of tea, one tea bag.

    Mary Anne- Thanks and glad to have another endorsement of the tea.

    Matt- thanks for the photos! Amelia is a real jerk for not revealing what kind of twisted stuff happens in the next issue of Kinfolk, but maybe she has her reasons…..

    Glad to see so many fans of BA!

  16. Did you know Heston Blumenthal is making pine scented mince pies for Waitrose in the UK. They have had mixed reviews, but not sure what sort of pine flavouring he has been using! Your pine tea idea may be the answer:-)x

  17. Tim: hahahahahaha It’s like Twin Peaks. You just have to watch (err, read) it to find out. Also, thanks for thanking Matt! sometimes I forget myself. OOPS.

  18. If you can’t buy the tea, by the way, Douglas fir grows pretty much all over the west. White fir, if you can find it, is even more citrusy and delicious, and some other firs taste pretty good too… and lots of people have fir Christmas trees. The Spring tips are tender and yummy, but I use the needles year round and they’re crazy crazy scruptiously good :).

    I love BA too. It’s one of only a few blogs that I get genuinely excited about new posts from (this one too :D)!

  19. Yay! BA and L+D together! You’re both wonderful. Thanks for all the effort the two of you put into your blogs… it is devoured with appreciation!

    Happy Holidays! x

  20. Oh goodness! I knew Lottie + Doof had exquisite taste, and now all is confirmed by inviting Amelia Morris to join the fun.

    Thank you to L+D & Bon Appetempt for making the world of food accessible, stylish, and chock full of nurturing stories.

  21. Just made these with Earl grey – felt daring when I dumped the tea bag contents. Very good cookies!

  22. Ah! I love the 12 days of Cookies. It’s how I stumbled across your awesomeness. 101 cookbooks and those sparkling ginger cookies a couple years ago were specifically responsible. After reading Heidi’s post, I wandered here and fell in love. Still am, actually.

    As for these gems. So yummy! Thanks so much for sharing.

  23. Hi!
    I love your, it’s a real inspiration.
    I have a juicy question for you: what’s the of the font in the picture?
    I like it very much, and I want it for my scrapbook.
    Thank you very very much.