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Recent Acquisitions: Spring Sprung Edition

Enamelware Bake Set [1] by Falcon
I’ll be honest, I got these because they are pretty. Function followed form. But they work well, so we all win-win. Oven, stove top, and dishwasher safe, the chips they develop with age just add to their charm.

Black Label Preserves [2] from Rare Bird Jam
My friends Elizabeth and Kaitlyn over at Rare Bird have launched a series of limited edition jams. Kumquat, Tarragon & Honey was up first and it exceeded even my high expectations. This is a seriously good jam. I regret buying only one jar.

The Preservation Kitchen [3] by Paul Virant and Kate Leahy
Last summer I officially became obsessed with canning. This summer I elevate my game. I have big plans. Those plans include working my way through many of the pickles and preserves in this gorgeous cookbook with recipes from Chicago’s beloved Paul Virant.

Isot Pepper [4] from Spices of Lezzet
Isot pepper (aka urfa biber) is the real deal. Smoky, fruity, and slightly hot this pepper can become a secret ingredient that elevates everything from grilled meat to cocktails.

Hot Pink [5] by Adam Levin
I first read Adam Levin’s short story Hot Pink a few years ago when it was published in McSweeney’s. I immediately made everyone I know read it. It remains one of my favorite short stories. Levin has a way with words that blows my mind, he loves language. It is energizing! My fellow Chicagoan recently published a collection of short stories that is completely awesome and a great Spring read. It is worth repeating the sentence from Hot Pink that the NY Times used in their review:


Wrinkled Egg by Some Local Chicken
I had never seen one of these before! I loved my little wrinkled egg and the surprise of finding it in a carton of boring smooth eggs. I don’t know how you get one, it sounds like you might need a calcium-deficient or virus-prone chicken.