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Lottie + Doof = !!!! (4)

Dear you,

This week we are celebrating four years (4!!!!) of Lottie + Doof. Where does the time go? I am celebrating by taking a break, and turning over this small piece of internet real estate to some of my favorite writers, photographers, eaters and makers. Over the next few days you will be visited by a wonderful mix of people, sharing and celebrating with you. It is going to be beautiful, delicious, weird and wacky. Think of it as a variety show, of sorts. It is a great line-up and I am excited to see it all unfold.

But before the show begins, I want to thank you. Where would I be without you?! Thanks for making this such a cool place to hang out. After four years, it seems like we’re off to a good start. I am looking forward to many more years of cooking together.

Enjoy the week—I’ll see you in the comments!

xo, Tim