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23 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Bon Appétempt = !!!! (4)”

  1. Amelia! THANK YOU. You are my hero. xoxo

  2. First off: that soufflé looks absolutely amazing and I will be making it post-haste as soon as I get home to Paris.

    Secondly: what a fantastically hilarious post. Thanks Amelia!

  3. Amelia is my hero, too, and we haven’t even had a photoshopped adventure, yet! Love this :)

  4. I think I wrote this as a first step into making it happen in real life. At the very least, I would love to know what Doof Fume smells like!!

    In short: Congrats on 4 years, Tim!! L&D makes the Internet a better place on a daily basis, and I’m sooooo happy to be an occasional contributor. xo

  5. That right there was probably my favorite piece of writing from Amelia yet! So, so excellent.

  6. Amelia- It is very Oprah. We are putting our dreams out into the world. Now what? Angels will help us?

  7. Wow! How exciting!
    I am leaving for Paris next week to blog…..certainly not on the celeb blog tour, but to eat and drink in the city of light. That souffle is beautious!

  8. PS I wonder if the seats are comfy on Air Doof? and how many carryons can I bring? Keep dreaming!

  9. Stacey- The seats are VERY comfortable and you can bring unlimited amount of carryons!It is amazing.

  10. Ahaha that’s quite an adventure!
    Must try it soon – the soufflé, i mean.

  11. Amelia, you are the greatest. Reading this is the most fun I’ve had in weeks (which doesn’t say much for my life). Truly awesome. Congrats to you and to Tim, and to the internet, and Newton (gravity came from that guy, after all).

  12. I like this! Soufflé looks delish

  13. R O F L !….be careful what you wish for…That private Air Doof Concorde…where do I sign up for BFF ??? Oh, yeah…I know where that private air strip is in LA (BH)….really, don’t ask me how.

  14. Ah! I knew this week would include a post from Amelia, but this was better than I could’ve hoped for. I also like knowing that Air Doof’s in-flight movie of choice is Ratatouille. Love it.

    The souffle looks crazy good. Let us know where to find this future space blog. ;)

  15. The base notes of Doof Fume are what send me into space! You two!

  16. awww, thanks, friends!! I had such an inspiring muse!! (And some hilarious help from MATT.)

  17. MATT! Yes- thanks to Matt, too!

  18. I love Air Doof!

  19. This NEEDS to happen!! If Saveur doesn’t immediately come banging on yall’s doors with a travel writing assignment, they are idiots (not savants)!

    Yay to Amelia and Tim together again… the best food blogs on the internet!

  20. I was smiling the whole time while reading this- I wish that trip really happened, except that I took Amelia’s place?

  21. OMG Doof Fume!! Also Ratatouille = French cinema. Good one.

  22. Air Doof, brilliant. This recipe looks fab. I love cheese souffles, any tips on how to get the souffles very light?

  23. I CANNOT wait to try this recipe! I love goat cheese and am eager to try making a soufflé, so this recipe is parfait!