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24 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Katie = !!!! (4)”

  1. oh man i love this post. Finding out what little Timmy would say was perfect. This would be an awesome photobook.

    Congratulations on FOUR Years! This is one of the best spots around.

  2. This is awesome! I’m a new reader and just discovered that you’re based in Chicago, and more specifically Oak Park?! That makes us neighbors, I’m in Forest Park. Crazy stuff! I’ve been meaning to make it to rainbow cone so thanks for the reminder! And Vito and Nick’s too…I’m trying to recall if I saw them on Triple D because it seems to ring a bell…

    Maybe I’ll see you around town :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this post! Happy 4!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Esther- hello, neighbor! Vito & Nicks is definitely worth the trip, and while you are there you might as well go to Weber’s and Rainbow Cone.

  5. WOW…I love this post and I am not even from Chicago but have always wanted to be! Does that make sense…a Chicago wanna-be??? Having relatives and life long friends there and having lived in Waukegan years ago we got to visit all around and hit the special ‘little spots’ as you listed. Also being Polish and Lithuanian always made me feel as if I really could belong!
    Many thanks!

  6. Classic. Old people ARE always drinking coffee. xo

  7. My friend just showed me this posting and I just about cried. I grew up on the Southside and haven’t been back in years. OUR bakery was Weber’s! The Indian on Pulaski was my mortal enemy! My sister and I went to Teddy Bear Daycare! I totally remember pretending to sleep during naptime while our teacher flipped through magazines at her desk.

    Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me a bit of my childhood!

  8. Omigoodness. I just saw that you went to Northwestern and studied Art Theory and Practice. Um. So did I.

    Am I in an alternate universe? Did our paths diverge in a yellow wood?

  9. Maybe we are the same person?! OMG. Amazing, KB! What are the chances?!

  10. I think it is possible we are twins!

  11. What a finish! This post is the greatest…and ” Palmer House” ice cream? I want some right now. Again, congrats. Looking foward to more.

  12. This post made me long for everything it features: small town places, Chicago inspired food, and Katie and Tim. Very nice post you two.. Love you. Xoxo

  13. “growing the next generation of food bloggers” hahahhaa. This is the cutest post ever. And that ice cream cone?! GENIUS.

  14. Dang I have still not been to Rainbow Cone!!! I might have to go today. Congrats on four – look forward to more.

  15. Thanks, friends!
    Jules- get thee to rainbow cone! I want a full report.

  16. This is such a fun post! Love love love. Congrats again on 4 years!

  17. Btw, what’s up w that sign? I mean, what’s the story behind it?

  18. Wow, this is the best post. Love this little peak into Chicago. A super fun week at L&D, Tim!!!

  19. Ahhh, you tok me back to MY childhood! My family owned an auto parts store at 66th & Pulaski for many years. Used to go to Dove Candies, Vito & Nick’s and Huck Finn. I remember the huge indian. And now I am craving Rainbow Cone- my great-grandparents went there when they were dating and family continues to love it.

  20. Paul Glowiak says:

    September 10th, 2012 at 9:07 pm


    That is the first time I saw their house in Chicago since they moved to Orland Park. It looks just the same as it did then, except for the ironwork.

    When I was a kid, Wojciks lived about 6 houses north of there, and Mortensens lived one street to the west and at the corner on 59th Street.

    Thanks for the memories!

  21. Never thought I’d see a post about my stomping ground,the Southwest Side! Then again, the neighhood(s) have been getting good food press of late…chef Ryan Poli is a fellow Garfield Ridger, pizza from Obbie’s was mentioned on The Good Wife, Weber’s snd Ptizcek’s bakeries and Mini-Hut (fried chicken)have been featured on local food shows and blogs like LTHForum and Serious Eats, etc. I hope you visit again and check out some other local gems (e.g., Joe and Frank’s Market for smoked sausage, Nicky’s for a Big Baby, Parisi’s for an Italian beef, I could go on and on).

  22. A Chicagoan, great writer (about food!), AND a fellow NU alum (I got my MA in Lit)? Love it!

    This post makes me crave a great punchki (I know it’s not the Polish spelling, but that’s how it always sounded when my mom called us that). I work in Evanston and have to say Bennison’s are my favorite, but they only have them once a year. I’ll have to do some driving to check this place out.

  23. Aw man, Chicago is such a great city. And what a wonderful tribute. Congrats on 4! I always get giddy when there’s a new post. Keep it up! Your loyal Doofer! xo

  24. Tim, just wondering: have we never discussed the fact that we seem to have grown up very close to each other on the south side?!?! Just a few months ago I was out in Beverly (most of my mom’s side of the family still lives there) and I drove by Rainbow Cone and was immediately whisked away to memories of my childhood and so many warm summer nights, when my mom and I would walk over there and wait in (the inevitably long) line for some tasty sherbet. Ah, and of course the Indian on Pulaski and Huck Finn donuts! Thanks for taking me on a mini trip down memory lane! Fall is such a nostalgic time anyway, and your post just made it even more so.