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[Today’s final post comes from my best friend, Katie [1]. She is literally the best.]


A Doof Tour of Chicago’s Southwest Side

If a wayward reader stumbled upon Lottie + Doof, a cursory glance might cause her to surmise the blogger grew up in the Hamptons. More committed and thorough readers, or those who read the paczki post [2] know that Tim spent years one through five on Chicago’s Southwest Side. For years I’ve been telling Tim he should treat loyal Doofers to the culinary wonders of his old neighborhood. When he gave me the chance to contribute to L+D’s 4th anniversary, I whisked him away in my car to eat our way from 34th to 92nd, from Western to Pulaski.

The first stop is often the sweetest:


7055 West Archer Avenue

Since 1930, this German family owned bakery has been churning out premium paczki and kolaczki. Back when Little Timmy was reaching into their signature brown and white boxes, his neighborhood was populated mostly by Polish immigrants. Today, the neighborhood is home to both Poles and Mexicans, but you won’t find any tres leches at Weber’s.

Weber’s is not a place to browse; it operates at the pace of a board of trade. Teenage girls scoot around with intimidating efficiency. Tim’s favorite kolaczki ad paczki are raspberry, but he also recommends the apricot and cheese. Though an older Tim has come to revere small-batch bakery made with local ingredients, he admits to enjoying a Weber’s danish just as much.

What would Little Timmy Say?

I like Weber’s. Whenever my mom or grandma gets a taste for some, someone goes out to get it. The teenage girls there are cool. They’re really fast running around and getting everybody’s bakery and taking your money and giving you change. And they’re lucky they get to have a job. It’s like they are the bosses of Weber’s.


When Tim was little, the neighborhood folk would stroll over to this small shop for ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate. This old-time parlor was called Dove Candies. It grew into the international company you know today, but you would never know by looking at the site!


This is where he lived and played. His Busha (Polish for Grandma, though she was his Great-Grandma) had a garden in the back.


Still in operation, growing the next generation of food bloggers. Little Timmy had a crush on Miss Cathy, his teacher.


8433 South Pulaski Road

This very thin, orange, crackery-crusted pizza is best topped with hot giardiniera. Here is one of the few places you can order a pitcher of RC. It also has a bartender with the voice of a Southside Italian Tom Waits. Delicious.

What would Little Timmy say?

Pizza is my favorite food and this is the best pizza in my neighborhood. The cheese is well done and that’s how I like it. The sauce is sweet and the cheese is salty. It’s good that the crust is thin. My grandma Lottie only likes this kind, because the others are “too doughy”. I agree with her.


9233 South Western Avenue

You have to go here because nobody else does what they do. You will be treated to five slabs of aerated ice cream, always these flavors and always in this order: orange sherbet, pistachio, Palmer House (New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts, of course), strawberry, chocolate. What? Yup.

What would Little Timmy Say?

I like ice cream that comes in shapes that aren’t rounded. I also like ice cream in a square.


63rd and Pulaski

He used to advertise tobacco, but tobacco laws changed and an eye clinic took the spot. The buff Indian adapted well by donning glasses and claiming EYE CAN SEE NOW.


3414 S. Archer

What do the banks of Mississippi and Chicago’s Southwest Side have in common? It’s not gators or rats… it’s Huck Finn. If you’re ravenous or the sharing sort, you can get a Texas donut (diameter of a gallon bucket of paint), or Alaskan (diameter of a beach ball).

What would Little Timmy say?

I come here with my Grandma Lottie. I get a French cruller, and she gets a coffee. Old people are always drinking coffee.


4955 S. Pulaski Avenue

Chicago Poles really enjoy a good Greek joint. Across the street from Marie Skłodowska-Curie (she was Polish before marrying a Frenchman!) High School, this remade restaurant evaded us. We were too full, dear Doofers, we are ashamed to report. We were stuffed with hot giardiniera pizza, five slabs of aerated ice cream, and oversized donuts. It’s always good to leave wanting more. It won’t be our last time on the Southwest Side. As Little Timmy would say: If you like a place, go back.


That’s all folks! The celebration is over. Thanks to Brian, Amelia, Henry, Remy, Helen, Kelly, and Katie for making it so great! Back to regularly scheduled programming next week…