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6 comments to “Lottie + Doof + Kelly = !!!! (4)”

  1. Ooh, yes please! This is the perfect drink for early fall–especially with the fresh apple cider. It’s making me miss the north, land of apples and hot cider and doughnuts at the u-pick farm. :)

  2. I’m making this this weekend! We’ve got all the ingredients except blackberries. And I’ve mentally selected which muddler I’ll use.

  3. I love sweet “girly” drinks! always on the lookout for new cocktail recipes. bookmarking this.

  4. Hey Julia- I don’t know what makes it “girly” but I am glad you like it. We made these last night- they are great!

  5. I love this blog! It was the first one I ever started following. I’m crazy about berry cocktails, so I’m definitely going to give this Fall drink a shot. I literally have every berry on hand. :D

  6. This looks so yummy – It reminds me of a muddled blackberry cocktail I always order at The Raines Law Room in New York. I continually never make the connection that I could just as easily make these at home. Thanks :)