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40 comments to “Speculoos Buttons”

  1. The gingersnap/graham cracker hybrid sounds great during this time of sugar cookie deluge. I’m going to try to track down silver and gold dragées for decoration.

    And that She-Ra/He-Man X-mas special is a classic! ‘A Diva’s Christmas Carol’ is my campy holiday tradition. For the honor of Greyskull too!

  2. I am Adora. He-Man’s twin sister and defender of the Crystal Castle. This is Spirit my beloved steed. Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my sword and said “For the honor of Greyskull! I am She-Ra!

    New reader. I just love your blog (and Dorie)!! These cookies look beautiful.

  3. These look like perfect little bites of cookie. So pretty!

  4. Adora/Tracy- I love you.

  5. These look fabulous! Love this!

  6. These look so delicious and cute! Cannot wait to try these for the holidays!

  7. Wow…they look so cute :o
    Perfect recipe for my nephews, Gotta try them out :D

    Husband a la Parmigiana

  8. Oh, are you kidding me?! I am a San Franciscan living in the Netherlands & we are inundated with these cookies this time of year! The other day I even saw speculoo paste next to the peanut butter… As in, you can spread cookies on your bread.

    By the way, I love your site so much Tim! I read it all the time, but in the creepy silent stalker kind of way… until now. Happy holidays & enjoy your speculoos.

  9. These are perfect. I will be making many I can imagine over the next month. Here’s to the power of grey skull!

  10. I had to look up ‘speculoos’ because I had never heard of it and it reminds me of, um, the lady doctor. And I’m pretty sure you’re not making that kind of cookie. But now I get it, and I’ll file away ‘speculoos’ with ‘nougatine’ in “Funny Baking Words Tim Introduced to Me”.

    (They look great! And Dorie is great!)

  11. I am cranking up my Xmas playlist just looking at these cookies. You can practically get a whiff of them from the photos.
    Right now it’s Karen Carpenter singing the Christmas Waltz. Working on my potato latke recipes for next week, though.

  12. My husband refuses all signs of Christmas until, he says, at least December 1st. Somehow I’ve managed to be agreeable on this point but I think I may have to try to warm him up with a few of these cookies.

  13. Oh good, I thought I was the only person that fretted the end of the Christmas season before it’s even fully underway. It does seem to pass by quicker, doesn’t it? Where are the days when we made Christmas countdown paper chains and ripping off the single chains day by day towards Christmas seemed to take FOREVER? Sigh. Anyway, thanks for sharing these cookies, and making that great list of why Dorie is so awesome. Question though — are these cookies crispy and crunchy, like gingersnaps/graham crackers? Or are they more soft, or maybe more butter-shortbread like?

  14. I am a new reader and this is my first post from you! I am so excited, I love Dorie and my son & I hung out at his college apartment one day & watched a bunch of He-man episodes because he dressed as He-man for halloween! This is too perfect! Thanks for the awesome recipe, I can’t wait to try it. By the way Trader Joes has a chocolate bar with speculoos, I am addicted. Here’s to the power of the Greyskull!

  15. Thanks to all of you for your Greyskull wishes!

    Amy, they are snappy! Crispy.

  16. These cookies are the cutest! It’s been Mariah Carey on repeat this past week, and today there’s a wreath on my door. Baking a batch of cookies tonight to also help kick off December a little early. Woo!

  17. Do you use silver dragées, or only pastel and white ones? I always think they are silver bullets, but they look so darn pretty. I know they are supposed to be “for decoration only”, but who’s going to pick them off of a cookie?

  18. Hey Louise! I only had the while/pearl ones, but I think the silver are beautiful and would have used them if they were on hand. It is so weird that they are labeled as inedible, but everyone eats them.

  19. so glad I am not the only cookie nerd.

  20. Thanks for sharing Tim, these look amazing! I cannot find molasses over here, do you have any suggestions to replace them?

  21. Hey Emilie- I’m not sure where you are, but you should have some sort of dark syrup for baking? Whatever would be used for gingerbread or spice cookies. You could try honey, but it will not be the same.

  22. The cookies look like the perfect holiday treat. I have been wanted to give them a try since the issue landed in my mailbox. This might be the push that i need. Thanks!

  23. Cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg/molasses…favorite flavors in anything, especially cookies…and it’s the holidays – but I’m afraid I might eat the entire batch with my tea or cocoa; will have to hold back…share with the kids. Love the glaze and bite size.

  24. As a She-Ra fan, I just want to say that I absolutely squealed with glee when I saw that picture!! The cookies, of course, also look great.

  25. I had my eye on these, too! They’re so cute, and ripe for decoration. Also: Dorie is awesome, and I’m with you on anxious exclamations regarding Christmas being almost over. I am so desperate to enjoy it to the fullest. Here’s to that, with cookies. (:

  26. Those are totally on my to try list also! Glad to hear they worked out so well.

  27. I live in Belgium and here Speculoos is indeed, as Sadie stated above, the “IT”-cookie this time of year. On the eve of December 5th, we celebrate Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children). Children put one shoe (with a carrot, an apple, … in it for Sinterklaas’ horse)in front of the fireplace and go to bed. The next morning the carrot is gone and children find candies, presents and speculoos in and next to their shoes. My favourite specoloos is with slivered almonds in it or the chocolate covered ones. And yes, we even have speculoos paste that we spread on our bread. Yummie!

  28. I wish I could have dorie as a pet. is that a weird thing to say? she’s just so adorable and fun. a little sprite, really. I want to make paper doll dories.

    I love the sound of these cookies. but I must admit that I’m slightly more intrigued by the bread you just posted a photo of on instagram. are we going to get a recipe for that? (pretty please?)

  29. Oh man. That She-Ra/He-Man holiday movie reference still has me laughing…wouldn’t be the holidays without such classics! (And without Dorie and her cookies…thanks for sharing!)

  30. Thanks for posting about these cookies. Even though I was dead tired when I read this post on Friday evening, I got up out of my chair and mixed the dough for our family cookie day on Saturday. These cookies were a success! Hands on for everyone, including a 5 year old who added the sprinkles to the buttons of glaze. A very charming addition to our cookie plate. And delicious with my cup of coffee this Sunday morning!

  31. Wow, a recipe for specaloos cookies?!?! You are my hero. Will definitely give these a go this holiday season. Thank you so much!

  32. I’m in the middle of my cookie baking marathon — I bake about twenty varieties (75 lbs.) in about 7 days. Fig & Date Swirls are in today’s baking. I’ll do these tomorrow. :-) Will there be 12 Days of Cookies this year? You’re running out of time. :-)

  33. Louise- whoa! you’re my hero- that is a lot of cookies. No 12 Days of Cookies this year, I ran out of time (and energy?). But hopefully it will be back next year! Thanks for remembering it.

  34. Skip to the last paragraph of this http://www.mcall.com/news/local/white/mc-bw-christmas-decorators-20121203,0,733698.column About half the cookies go to people who go out on the light tour. Last year $15,000 was raised for the local food bank. The other half of the cookies get sent to family and friends. A Christmas present to myself. :-)

  35. So, cool, Louise! That is some good work you’re doing. Thanks for sending that.

  36. I love these cookies! It reminds me of making them in pastry school. You’ve officially made my mouth water.

  37. My friend is allergic to cinnamon is there any way to replace it?

  38. Hi Ira- no good substitute. I would just pick a different recipe.

  39. silver dragees have been pulled from most markets,,,and are illegal in California. UK still has them listed as a food, but here they have to be marked as inedible and “for decoration only”. Wilton and McCormack no longer make….all because of a legistlation in CA. Crazy. And how funny that Bon Appetite magazine featured BEAUTIFUL specaloos WITH silver dragees for Dec. cover. The 3 stores I used to buy them from here near Buffalo NY no longer carry. I had to buy them online. (they will not ship to California)

  40. I love this recipe SO much. I also love your blog, so much. :) I ate so many Speculoos cookies and a ton of Speculoos spread in Europe last year when I was studying abroad. I’m gonna have to make this for my friends when we have a Europe reunion. Have you tried Speculoos spread(Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter)? I posted a recipe on my blog of some chocolate cookies stuffed with Speculoos spread, and it wasn’t too bad!
    Thanks for your great blog, I’m an avid follower and I can’t believe I’ve never commented
    -Daisy Bun

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