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21 comments to “Best Recipes of 2012”

  1. Tim! Glad to hear you are better. I was wondering if the holiday season had swallowed you whole. I think the Grapefruit Lime Ginger was the first recipe I made from your blog after finding you earlier this year (or was it late last year? I can’t remember). Delicious and I am so glad for the reminder. And there are several others here I should try…Merry cooking.

  2. Those orange rolls look divine – glad you’re feeling better!

  3. You forgot your quinine syrup. My mother and I made it for our Christmas eve party and it was an absolute hit! Really, you’ve offered something very special to the alcohol-abstaining folks.

  4. That salad looks especially amazing…

  5. Hi Tim, Unrelated to this post but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your baking recipes in particular — they have never failed me. I made the poppyseed cake last week and my partner, who is very picky and not much of a sweet tooth, had this to say: “Now THIS is what you should be baking all the time!” Thanks!

  6. Tim, I was worried about you! I nearly checked in, but was hoping that you were out there living large, doing some really fun things that we’d later her about. Sorry that it wasn’t fun at all.

    You well-edited list is a great reflection of the Lottie + Doof that we love. Happy New Year.

  7. I’m really happy to see you back and sad to hear you were sick. Since I only know you through your blog, I imagined you were traveling and having a wonderful time. Glad you are recovering and back. Happy New Year!

  8. Wait just a minute! You are not mentioning your custard cornbread recipe with the heavy cream poured in the center! OMG! I have made that over and over this year, with rave reviews. Please consider adding it?

    Love your blog!

  9. !! Thank you for this post, because it is the best reminder— every single one of those recipes looks so good. Oh, and by the way, I got Jerusalem after reading your review of it and the spinach salad. Such a beautiful cookbook.

  10. Adding these to my to-cook list in the new year. Cheers!

  11. Glad you are on the mend. Of those 7, I’ve only made the eggplant and loved it. I better hurry up and try the others. Happy 2013!

  12. Welcome back! I hope you get back up on your feet soon. I miss your posts!

    I love the grape juice post, something so simple but in yet it is packed with flavour. Going to use that for my summer jams. =)


  13. Thanks for the magnificent seven as well as your other posts throughout the year. I’ve really enjoyed your blog.

  14. Sometimes the most affordable is the best; something about the joys of an absolutely delicious, thrifty meal. I will be planning my own little Potato Rosti meal next year, looks wonderful. Any particular pairing you have in mind? Or just a snack?

  15. Nice recap – all lovely recipes/photos! Hope you’re on the mend – I’m down with the worst cold of my life…day after Christmas. Ugh.

  16. Feel better, Tim! Thanks for another year of your lovely blog.

  17. Get well soon–love the look of that salad!

  18. Could there be a more beautifully roasted bird? *sigh* =)

  19. Tim, glad you are healthy now(hopefully) Thank you all your work this year, so glad I found your site in 2012. Also thank you for the chicken recipe. I made it last week for friends and gave the other chicken to my friends that just had a baby. Everyone thinks I’m a genius. The plum cake takes the cake for me( I do recommend doubling the butter, if possible.)

  20. Happy New Year, Tim! Glad you’re feeling better. These recipes are making me droooool. Can’t wait to try eggplant puree and potato rosti.

  21. Welcome back! and Happy New Year! That rosti looks amazing!