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25 comments to “Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2013”

  1. love this Tim. Thanks so much for the kind words (and for the record – I’ve always wanted to take photos of something against a blank wall – ha! love it!)

  2. This is one delicious gift guide! Thanks for including us, your pajama commentary is spot-on!

  3. Love this! Loved last year’s, too.
    Thanks, guys!

  4. Great list and I especially love the photo of the child.

  5. Great guide! Love your blog and this is pretty neat! I’m one of the guys that faithfully reads and actually makes some of the delicious things you post about.

    Just ordered the Mrs. Meyers (never seen this one before). And the David Tannis book as well.

    Happy holidays!

  6. Another male reader and baker! Will be purchasing the ice cream spades as a gift this year — perfect!

  7. Jason & Callum- I’ll see you at the grocery store! ; )

  8. Ayako makes the BEST jams! Not too sweet with a delicate fruitiness.

    Thanks for the gift guide.

  9. Chukka’s AND geode rocks? Swoon.

  10. Loved this list, especially the jammies. I have a friend who is always looking for great sets and he’s going to be thrilled when I share this tomorrow.

  11. Always my favorite gift guide! Thank you!

  12. Haha, pretty inspiration and original gift guide — as always. I trust your taste pretty much more than any other bloggers out there when it comes to this thing, and you didn’t dissapoint. Especially liked the commentary regarding the trend of taking photos of a photo held up against a blank wall, haha.

  13. lovely things! i just wanted to note that the boots might be enjoyed by female readers as well, particularly those who fall masculine of center. :)

  14. Hey Diana- Sure! I don’t know about masculinity or the center- but if the shoes fit anyone can certainly wear them. I listed them as mens mainly because of the limited sizes.

  15. Very nice list. Any idea on the price range of the sculpted geode?? I’m within a semi decent driving range, but also don’t want to get there and just be really sad. Thanks!

  16. Hi Anna- The one I have was around $30. They seemed to range between $30-$38, and there were a range of colors. The folks at Asrai are friendly, if you want to give them a ring and see what they have in stock.

  17. Always look forward to your gift guide. Wonderful ideas every year. I’m wondering if you were able to find the Mrs. Meyer’s soap locally or if you ordered it? Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hey Kay- Most Targets carry the Mrs. Meyer’s soap! Enjoy!

  19. “Books Is Power”???????

    Is ‘books’ a name, then?

  20. Our local hardware store has several types of Mrs. Meyer’s soaps. There are four or five scents for each type, but they don’t have the seasonal one that you bought. : ( Do you happen to know how the Artifact Uprising photo books compare visually to Shutterfly? I’ve made several Shutterfly for us and am giving one to my sister of a recent trip that she and I did in Norway.

  21. Hi Lousie! Sometimes the limited edition scents are hard to track down. Last year our local store sold out of the pine before we got them. Norway! I’m jealous. So, I like the Artifact Uprising book better than I have liked the books printed through either shutterfly or iPhoto. I think the quality of the materials, as well as the print quality are a little better but I think the type faces and layouts are far superior with AU. That being said, I have only made one book and one calendar with AU, so I am not an expert.

  22. Thanks for your honest input. I’m probably your most traveled commenter and have been all over the world. I’ve been to Norway probably 25 times, mostly to XC ski in the mountains outside of Lillehammer, but I’ve traveled around too and finally saw The Atlantic Road. Maybe I’ll try AU this winter. My husband and I went to Greenland this summer and I also never got around to doing anything with photos I took last summer when we road the motorcycle to Alaska. While you were in Michigan this summer, we road the motorcycle from here, in PA, up through the Thousand Islands, then totally around Lake Superior. Early October we rode down to Natchez, MS. The problem with digital photos is it’s like having infinite film so the first thing I need to do is pick out the finest photos to tell the story.

  23. Best holiday list ever (as always), Tim. I always buy at least one thing from it for someone I love – your taste is impeccable. I just bought the tote bag & wanted to buy the coffee salt but shuddered a bit when I saw the shipping cost. Maybe I’ll pick some up next time I’m in Oregon instead. I love Mrs Meyers soaps & really want to try the pine but they don’t sell it here, sadly. Happy Christmas!!

  24. If everyone who is getting me anything only got me those tumblers, I would know I was on the Good list this year.

  25. Hi, Tim
    Thank you so much for the gift guide, especially showcasing Artifact Uprising. I hadn’t see that site before and made three books to give as Christmas gifts. I really appreciate your fine taste; it make gift shopping so much easier. Thanks again.