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Lottie + Doof Gift Guide 2013

Here we go, friends, the annual gift guide. My apologies that this is coming so late, with Hanukkah almost over. Hopefully you saved your gelt [1] and can go shopping for yourself. As always, these are all things I own and love.

Plum Jam • Ayako & Family [2]

Honestly one of the best jams I have ever eaten. Such a pure and beautiful plum flavor, and perfect packaging.

Triangle Cutting Board • Fort Standard [3]

I like everything that Fort Standard makes and was eager to get my mitts on this cutting board. It is as beautiful hanging on the wall as it is on your table.

Boob Pillow • Gravel & Gold [4]

Who doesn’t like boobs?

Sculpted Geode • Asrai Garden [5]

These amazing geodes with pyramids carved into the top are one of my new favorite things. Chicago’s Asrai Garden is where I buy most of my rocks, and many of my holiday gifts.

Photobook • Artifact Uprising [6]

I’ve always wanted to take a photo of myself holding something up against a blank wall. People seem to love it so much, and so this custom photo book provided me with a great opportunity. Artifact Uprising is a wonderful company in Colorado that makes beautifully designed and produced photo books and calendars. We gotta start printing our photos, people! This is a great way to start. And for the record, taking photos this way is just okay.

Pajamas • Sleepy Jones [7]

Spending hundreds of dollars on pajamas may not be for everyone, it probably wasn’t for me until my friends at Sleepy Jones sent me these pajamas and I became a convert. The fabric is exactly what I want pajamas to be, cool and smooth, and they feel so luxurious. The perfect thing to get you through a long Chicago winter. Also, perfect for parties.

Natural Trench Chukka • Oak Street Bootmakers [8]

While the vast majority of my readers are female (!!!), I do have some loyal guys out there and these boots are for you. I am thoroughly enjoying these chukkas from Chicago’s very own Oak Street Bootmakers. [Bonus little-known fact: male readers of this blog are much more likely to introduce themselves to me at the grocery store. I love it guys, never stop—but you have to admit it is a strange difference between the sexes.]

Tote Bag by Ben Critton • Printed Matter [9]

I’m obsessed with this tote bag designed by Benjamin Critton for Printed Matter. It was one of the things I got myself this year that I immediately wanted to give to everyone.

Ice Cream Spades • Jeni’s [10]

It might seem like a little thing, but eating ice cream with these little spades really enhances the experience.

Coffee Salt • Jacobsen Salt Co. [11]

I learned about this on an episode of The Mind of a Chef with April Bloomfield. She sprinkled this salt over vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. She ain’t no fool.

Mini Tumblers • Falcon Enamelware [12]

Enamelware will never be a passing trend for me. I love the stuff and its renewed popularity in recent years is a great opportunity to add to your collection. I am especially fond of Falcon Enamelware, and these mini-tumblers are useful for anything from baking muffins to serving snacks.

One Good Dish • David Tanis [13]

Sweet • Valerie Gordon [14]

Hoosier Mama Book of Pie • Paula Haney [15]

Saving the Season • Kevin West [16]

There were a lot of beautiful books published this year. These four are my favorites, and will always be a part of my cookbook collection.

Terrarium • Sprout Home [17]

Remember terrarium mania a few years back? Thankfully it has died down and we can approach terrariums with clear minds. They’re wonderful, especially foresty ones like this beauty.

The Gorgeous Nothings • Emily Dickinson [18]

Easily one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen. A collection of Emily Dickinson’s writing on scraps of paper. It is a like an art exhibition in your lap.

Iowa Pine Hand Soap • Meyer’s Clean Day [19]

Bryan and I are both so into this hand soap. It is only available at the holidays and we stock up with enough to last us throughout the winter. It’s a good stocking stuffer, or a gift for yourself.