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43 comments to “Saffron Pasta with Spiced Butter”

  1. There is definitely something magical about this pasta, especially when made by such an important pair of uncles.

  2. Tim, I don’t know if I love the look of that painting either (not a huge Currin fan I guess), but I love this post. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  3. Justin- I’m a magical witch/uncle!
    Lisa- thanks! I hope you guys do too!

  4. Before I scrolled down further to keep reading, I immediately googled “John Currin pasta.” I guess I just couldn’t wait.

    I can see how you aren’t quite sure if you like the painting or not; I feel that way too. However, I very much like what you’ve written here about it, and that means that I can’t help but like it because of that.

    Despite how simple the ingredients, there is something about homemade pasta that feels so luxurious. Can’t wait to make my next batch even more luxurious with saffron and spices!

  5. schneiderluvsdoof says:

    February 14th, 2014 at 9:50 am

    A beautiful post.

  6. What a lovely post. I’m sorry to hear that you had to experience that lack of representation in the world/media/life, but I’m glad that you are taking the opportunity to be a role model and influence for those in the same boat. Love your blog, love this post, and I also love making pasta with my partner ^__^

  7. Way to represent, boo! Thanks for being the best pasta collaborator and valentine around. –P.S., y’all, I can attest that the Audrey Horne music plays whenever Tim walks into a room.

  8. I love the post and pasta! (but not so much the painting!)
    Happy Valentine’s Day. xo

  9. What a beautiful post. Thank you and a very happy Valentine’s Day to you both!!!!!

  10. I love this post. The sentiment is beautiful, the painting great fun, and the pasta looks delicious. I love how you plated it: the textures and colors are marvelous. With the availability of fresh pastas in the stores now, I have gotten a bit lazy about making my own, but now I feel it’s time to pull out the old pasta making equipment again! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and as for the kind words about Chevrolet. I haven’t seen the commercials – I still remember the Dinah Shore ones with her singing: ‘See the USA in your Chevrolet…’ Sounds like the new ones are memorable, too. D

  11. My husband and I are making pasta tonight and we are going to toast both you and Bryan, and the painting. Love is good!

  12. Fantastic post, on many levels. I’ve never seen the pasta painting by Currin but it resonates with me, again on multiple dimensions. We recieved a beautiful pasta maker as a gift for our committment celebration, last fall and have yet to use it. This post, its central theme and recipe, along with the painting will give us new motivation to get it out of the box and on our kitchen counter where it belogs. Nicely done, guys!

  13. Tim, I enjoy reading your blog so much. Lovely post. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Bryan! Can’t wait to make this pasta.

  14. Thanks for all of the nice comments, friends! I hope everyone has a sweet weekend. xo

  15. my eyes welled up. so true and so much to say on this. i hope you guys have an amazing valentine’s day! xx

  16. A gorgeous post that made me a little teary-eyed. Thanks Tim!

  17. Lovely post, as usual with the perfect sentiment. Wondering what pasta machine you have, and if you would recommend it? Considering getting the Kitchen Aid attachment one, but wanted to know if you liked yours. Yay love!

  18. Hi Rachel, For some reason I did not like the Kitchen Aid attachment, I returned mine. I have a feeling it has more to do with me than it. We just didn’t jive. Some dear friends bought us this one as a wedding gift. I love it. Call me old fashioned, but I like the hand crank. It feels like you have more control over the process.

  19. Beautiful and thought provoking, dealt with so sensitively. It resonates on so many levels, even though my issues are not yours and yours not mine, they are somehow the same nevertheless. I do not know you but ‘through the screen’ you move me regardless.

  20. So beautiful (dish & post)! I wish I could indulge, but alas, George has a dairy allergy and I am still nursing, so…

  21. I have followed your blog for awhile now and loved many of your recipes. Came out of the woodwork to say that this is such a lovely post!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. lovely post. it is amazing how people in the mainstream; white, hetero, middle class, take things for granted. the simple art of representation is so easy to broaden, yet so threatening to the mainstream. hopefully things are changing for the better.

  23. I am speechless with love and hope and warmth and, also, a bit of sadness because your truth is still so many people’s present lives. Lacking representation, lacking validation. There is such beauty and significance in the mundane. Such validation. You’ve also made me want to make pasta. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  24. Tim, I really loved this post. I’m always making the recipes you post and always come back for the thoughtful commentary. Hope you’re well!

  25. That pasta looks delicious, I love the streaks of colour throughout and it just seems to be one of those dishes that are filled with comfort and warmth. A dish to share with those you love. Beautifully written post.

  26. I am just getting ready for bed and read this post. Today we made two kinds of pastas and two sauces. One for lunch and one for supper. Love is in the air. Doesn’t matter who we love..it matters that we love.

  27. Wonderful words– thank you for representin’!

  28. Thanks for posting this Tim. Making pasta is one of my favorite activities with my husband. I totally agree the crank is so much more satisfying than the Kitchen Aid.

  29. I really like what you’ve written here. You’re right that representation is important, even if it’s just in a car commercial or a strange painting (the more I look at that pairing, the more I like it). And that pasta looks delicious.

  30. Important and lovely post.

  31. What a wonderful post. And, the pasta looks terrific too. I’ll try it very soon. I’m a fan of my old Atlas pasta machine and never considered getting the Kitchen Aid one. It just seems wrong. I haven’t seen the Chevrolet ads, but we have a ’67 Corvette in our garage.

  32. I too love my hand crank pasta maker. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine (http://www.amazon.com/Marcato-Atlas-Wellness-Pasta-Stainless/dp/B0009U5OSO) is also a great brand! I’m dying to know, where did that plate come from? I love the retro look to it. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  33. What a thoughtful post – representation and food – I love it! I’m not surprised you don’t love the Currin, his paintings are deliberately controversial and I’ve always found that one needlessly antagonistic. There’s something about those empty shelves and the placement of the pasta crank that’s more reductive than celebratory. Anyway, that guy’s a jerk, but you’re great. (:

  34. Your talent reaches far beyond the kitchen. Inspired.

  35. Hi Neil- It’s from a company called Astier de Villette in France. You can find their stuff here and there in the US. The plates are their “Cube” pattern.

    Thanks for the support, all.

  36. great painting, great pasta, great post!

  37. I just made homemade pasta this weekend! Now I’m inspired to try it again.:) Thank you for the lovely post!

    I also have mixed feelings about that painting. The overall look is a bit hackneyed, but the message is sweet. But most of all… Are they feeding already-cut pasta back into the machine?! What’s going on there?

  38. as if saffron pasta with spice butter weren’t enough, such a beautiful story to go with it. excellent post.

  39. I love this post, friend. And, yes, it is good to use a pasta maker. Even if just once a year. Coz that’s probably how often you’ll use it. :)

  40. Such a beautiful post and that recipe looks AMAZING. I can’t wait to try it.

    Saw this pop up today and I immediately thought of your post: http://sobadsogood.com/2014/02/19/gay-couples-deeply-in-love-photographed-around-the-globe-by-braden-summers/

  41. Have you seen these beautiful pics? http://www.bradensummers.com/menu/all-love-is-equal/ there are no pasta making photos, but every one is spectacular and the message is similar to your thoughts on the representation of same-sex relationships.

  42. Simply D timber on many levels. Je t’aime.

  43. I was referred to your site recently, by another blogger that I can’t pick out of my brain now, and I’m so glad that I was! I love that you write about food and life mixed together the way it really is, and what you write about it so important. How wonderful to have created your own family portrait. Even better that it includes food! Cheers.

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