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26 comments to “Hotels”

  1. Roasted orange and lemon?? This sounds really interesting, and the salad looks delicious.

  2. Tim, I love you. Is that an awkward thing to put in a blog comment? I’m sorry. It’s just, your blog makes me so happy. xo

  3. Luisa! I love you too! Samesies!

  4. Since I have no plans for Chicago in my future, thank you for the mental mini vacation. You had me even imagining the outfit I’d be wearing for cocktails and dinner. Aside from that, the salad has to be wonderful, and a “why didn’t I think of that?” combo.

  5. Awesome post! There’s a certain feeling that you communicate here and you made me ready for a night in the city! Also, “I’m getting defensive…” so funny!
    Hope all is well!

  6. Really looking forward to trying this recipe, it’s such an interesting mix of ingredients! I am a huge fan of roasted carrots, but have never thought of roasting lemon and orange right along with them, very cool idea! I’m hoping to visit Chicago soon to see the Botanic Garden and others like the Lurie Garden and Cantigny Park. I’m in Cincinnati and have never been to Chicago, which seems weird as it’s only a few hours away! Thanks for the great post!

  7. Very unusual combination, but I’ll be making that salad very soon. Your timing of this post hit home with me.

  8. My husband and I stayed at the Public -as did our out of town guests – for our wedding as well. Great memories! The staff couldn’t have been sweeter or more accommodating. And the bar and restaurant. Gorgeous! Thanks for taking me back to those days/nights!

  9. I feel the same way about hotels! I usually Airbnb when I am in Chicago but I might have to look into this place for my next trip.

  10. Thank you for this post! I lived in Chicago when I was about 8 years old in the early 50’s. We lived in a brownstone on E. Schiller Avenue. I remember going to the Pump Room with my parents. Memories of pineapple towers, things on fire in a chafing dish,telephone brought to the table, celebrities. My father wasn’t one of the one percent but he wanted to be and knew a few. I have better memories of The Buttery in the Ambassador West. We would go every Thursday (maid’s night out, we didn’t have a live in maid but my father wanted people to think we did!). I loved it when the waiter came to the table and made blue cheese dressing in front of us. I still make a killer blue cheese dressing. It was fun being able to just walk to places like that. I like simpler pleasures now, like finding the best tiny restaurant in the back of a Mexican meat market here in Oregon. The salad looks great!

  11. I always order that salad at ABC Kitchen, it’s my fave….Chicago is on my list!

  12. Any chance for a Lottie + Doof Drink of Summer this year?

  13. Hi Harriet, Let me see what I can do! Thanks for remembering.

  14. This salad!!! A big part of the reason why I bought JG’s cook book. And that curved gold ceiling is amazinggg.

  15. This is THE salad—love your photos of the hotel, too. Pretty. xo

  16. I knew the hotel you were talking about as soon as I saw the picture of that salad. I had it over a year ago and still can’t stop thinking about it! I, too, did a staycation at Public Chicago (I live about 1 block away) and it was just lovely.

  17. Made this salad last night and it was an incredible mix of flavours and textures. I used baby beet tops as the greens and they were perfect. This will definitely be in my summer rotation. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ha, speaking of people-watching at hotels, last weekend I was at the bar at the Palmer House and a guest came up to the bar in just his bathrobe to order a martini. It was an entertaining scene that ended with security escorting him (and his luggage) out. How could people not love hotels?

  19. Thanks, Tim! Although I’ve been seeing different versions of this around, this is the one that grabbed me. I have made it twice this week, because the first batch was attacked by a horde of hungry teenagers before I could get to it. And I’m planning to make it this weekend as well.

  20. Hi Tim! Your blog is a lovely read. I am usually a lurker here, but you’ve lured me from the quiet. May we please talk a little more about that splendid bar? Quite specifically, I’d like to hear more about those shimmery curvaceous walls. What material is used there? Tile? Metal? Wallpaper? It is stunning, and I could just stop and stare for quite some time. Alas, I am allergic to avocado, so I will only live on this generation’s salad fringe, but I do fully intend to attempt your tomato cobbler this summer.

  21. amazing! since I got your newsletter email in my inbox I had been waiting for a moment to prepare this. I made it tonight and it was delicious! thanks for sharing, and hello from chile! ;)

  22. Hi Sara! My apologies for the delay in responding. I think it is gold leaf! I’m not positive, but it looked to be to be some sort of paint/gold leaf technique that is enhanced by lighting. It is stunning.

  23. Great blog. First time here. I happen to have a fondness for PUBLIC Hotel and you doubly confirmed it in this post. Overall: Your easy, honest conversational writing style is appetizing. Thanks.

  24. They’ve gotta find a shorter name for this. Roast Carrot and Avocado Salad, Crunchy Seeds, Sour Cream, Citrus Vinaigrette is just too long. I think I’m gonna go with your suggestion: “The Salad of Our Generation”. Easier to remember.

  25. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, loved your review of the PUBLIC and just booked a three-night stay during our August trip to Chicago. Our wedding guests stayed at the Ambassador East nearly 22 years ago, and I’m sorry to say it was a d-u-m-p. Fortunately for our guests there was the Pump Room, bar, and great location … happy to hear of its renaissance. We’ll let them know that we booked on your recommendation.

  26. Thanks for this post. Great hotels make a trip and finding them is always fun. Filed this away for future trips.

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