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24 comments to “Profiteroles with Tahini Brown Butter Cream, Sesame Cashews, Caramel and Halva”

  1. You had me at profiteroles, but GOOD LORD, those sesame cashews need to be mine immediately! Can’t wait to try this one.

  2. What a beauty! I can definitely see why you wanted to make this at home. Totally gorgeous!

  3. OMG! They look amazing! :) Love it!
    Thanks for the planning notes, too!

  4. These are gorgeous! A very nice recipe.

  5. I have such little patience with a simple cake let alone profiteroles…but these are so tempting and packed with protein that I will give it a shot! Happy Nesting.

  6. Jennifer Trebino says:

    November 19th, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    I work at Oleana! I got your email and saw the picture first and thought, hey! that looks like our…oh! it is! So glad you love Oleana so much. It’s even more fun to work there than dine there! Shoot me an email next time you’re in Boston. I’m going to update your reservation profile in our system :)

  7. Hi Jennifer, Thanks! Yeah, everyone seems to be having a good time whenever we are at Oleana. Last time we were there we were talking to our server about the good vibes. It makes me happy!

  8. I, too, ADORE Oleana (and am lucky enough to live just an hour away). My partner and I dine there about every six weeks, making a reservation on our way out for our next date :) Sadly, they recently took these AMAZING profiteroles off the dessert menu. I pouted during my entire meal, as it was a fantastic dessert.Of course, they are all wonderful, but the profiteroles were truly special.

  9. If ever there is nutritional information available for this, I do not want to see it.

  10. these look fantastic! i will absolutely be trying these soon.

  11. Jeffrey- AGREED.

  12. Tim! I live about a 15 minute walk from Oleana, love it as truly as you do, and cannot believe I missed this dessert. Maura Kilpatrick really is a pastry magician. You might enjoy also the sesame cashew bar at Sofra; it also has that amazing sesame cashew caramel combo but is less of a project: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/sesame-cashew-bar.html

    Also, the next time you’re in the Boston area you might want to try Ana Sortun and former Oleana chef de cuisine Cassie de Piuma’s new restaurant, Sarma (although don’t miss the Oleana patio for it).

  13. I have been waiting years for a Sofra cookbook! I’ve heard there is one in the works and keep hoping it will be out in the fall. (Sofra and anything from Fuchsia Dunlop are what I’m always on the lookout for.) The creativity at Sofra is exceptional. And I appreciate that Maura is so generous with recipes – each time I’ve emailed about one, I’ve received a reply.

  14. What an amazing sounding dessert. I have to try it for myself!

  15. These look amazing and still have a high Goodness-to-Work Ratio! Will definitely make these in the near future. I was so surprised to see your blog with profiteroles as I’m currently vacationing in Paris.

  16. I saw the first pic and was like …this looks familiar…OH!
    I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying these on more than one occasion, so so good!

    Can’t wait to give these a try!

  17. These look beautiful and delicious! I am not surprised this recipe is from Oleana, they are all so creative there!

  18. Wow! I’m reticent to try choux pastry after a few ridiculous attempts that yielded hockey pucks instead of the perfect puff – but this looks amazing. I may have to put my fears aside.

  19. Ugh – yes talk to me! This is like my dream dessert, Lovely recipe and photos x

  20. Make sure to try Sarma (their new-ish restaurant in Somerville) the next time you visit Boston

  21. I first experience halva as a kid, as my mom loved bringing home new wonders from the supermarket. It tasted like nothing I had ever had and I’d eat it all in one sitting if I could ! So excited to see it in a recipe! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  22. I REALLY want to make these for an upcoming dinner party!! Do you have suggestions of where I could look (online) for the halvah? I have checked in a few specialty stores in Minneapolis, but no luck so far.

  23. Hi Lindsay- Sure, it is widely available online. Even Amazon sells it. You’ll looking for plain or vanilla (as it is sometimes called) Halva. Otherwise, any Middle Eastern grocery store should carry it.

  24. Omfg !! These sound absolutely sinful !!!! Must try these

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